How is this allowed?

How do members of a certain alliance have so many speed boosts? Should anyone have 5+ dinos with tier 7 speed already? Well, they’ve had it for more than 2 weeks (possibly longer) and nothing has been done about it. How did they get these? Why are they allowed to keep playing with an impossible amount of speed boosts? And it’s not just one member, it’s a bunch of members in the same alliance (BP). The theory is that this alliance is that one alliance that got banned a few months ago after that tournament. You know who I’m talking about. Their cheating will always plague this game. Legitimate players are getting tired of having to deal with this kind of garbage in the game constantly. Something needs to be done ASAP. It would be a huge mistake to let these players continue to ruin the game and collect tournament rewards and affect the current leaderboard. Look at these screenshots. These all belong to the same player. They have others with a ton of speed too that aren’t shown here. Absolutely ridiculous. If Ludia can’t get rid of the cheaters, they will get rid of their legitimate paying customers. They won’t get to keep both.
Note: I know Tryko is not tier 7 speed, but is shown here to show how much they have. They also have a tier 7 Zor that I don’t have a pic of, and who knows how many others.


magna dilo


well i know that your squad did things to get extra boosts. not enough? im being serious all jokes aside, not trying to be disrespectful.


For a game with “Micro” transactions of 100USD common place, seems like there are an awful amount of work arounds, “glitches” and exploits. As expensive as this is, one would hope for a game that was a bit more buttoned up. Alas it is just one thing after the other.


i also know for a fact that they never rolled back the “few players” that exploited the purchases the last time.


Ludia acknowledged that first exploit was their error and it was fixed. Somehow some seem to have found a new work around my friend. Even if you Bought every offer, did all the strikes and dbi’s some have more boosts than the math says is possible.


I know 1person that was able to do unlimited purchases that time where 0.01% were able to do so and that person got reversed. I saw is over 60k hard cash reimbursement lol

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Please show me anyone in my alliance with extra boosts. One player made a point to Ludia by buying a ridiculous amount of boosts and he got them all refunded. I am not aware of anyone in my alliance with extra boosts from the glitch. Most players avoided that because we knew a reset would happen and that it wasn’t supposed to be unlimited. Please present your screenshots.


If they missed a few players, they must all be in that same alliance because many of those players have had multiple t7 speed dinos for most of this month. Maybe longer.

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the guy that exposed it on here, still hasnt been reversed.

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not from the glitch but from support.

Remember the free packs of boosts Ludia gave us a little while back? Those were to even out everyone because of boosts received from support.

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no way. this was after that. and i doubt they didnt recieve them aswell. plus the boosts were different per player.

Preset your proof because i have not heard of this until right now

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And excuse me, but are you actually defending this alliance that has impossible speed boosts? What is wrong with this forum? No matter what anyone has done, AP are still the bad guys with no proof shown. Get real.


stingy ludia wont even give me the boosts i lost when i couldnt get access to my account for 4 days but they have no issue handing out 5 x50 packs to top players. its bs.

edit: i don’t mean to direct this at you all
its not intended to you directly, but as a group its the pot calling the kettle black.

Show proof or be quiet. Anyone can say anything and call it fact but without proof, you just have words. I will stop replying to you now because you’re just trying to derail a thread that is about a very important issue.


i don’t need to show proof even though i have proof. know that im telling the truth.

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Since boost reset, I bought all boost in the store and never missed any boost strike and DBI. I accumulated total of 934 speed boost. This is enough for 3 tier-7, 1 tier-6. 1 tier-4 and 1 tier-3. That’s is if used only on 6 dinos. Four tier-7s will require 1016 speed boost total.

It’s just mind boggling to see 4 tier 7 + tier 5/6 in the arena now .:face_with_monocle:


yup. disregard what i mentioned.

edit: disregard it like it never happened but we both know it did.

I had to read it a couple times, but that rhymes real smooth.