How is this balanced

Why am I fighting against this, my Indominus Rex’s cloak never working isn’t helping either
image image image

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You’ve fought a boosted velo , just wait till you come up against boosted rats and Thor’s in the higher arenas !
Have you got any boosted dinos ?


Yes, most of the dinosaurs on my team are boosted, I use only speed boosts and they are usually tier 1 or 2 but the most boosts I used are on T-Rex (120 speed) and Indominus Rex (118 speed)

Why only speed boosts? Doesn’t make sense that you don’t use health and attack boosts yet create a topic claiming things aren’t balanced.

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The person with the raptor has boosted all 3 options and has stats way over a raptor in the mid 20s . It’s best to boost all parts of your dinos too so you avoid getting wiped out like this .

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The creatures on my team have good attack stats (except for Blue, I just have it because of it’s speed and precise moves) and usually have good health stats as well, it’s only speed that I felt needed to be improved for the stronger things on my team.

You feel only speed needed to be boosted yet people will be boosting all stats of their team. I can’t quite understand why you feel speed is only needed.


Badlands is the arena I’m in on my 2nd account. Looks normal. Looks like someone I faced but I had a long neck team at the time and first slowed it and then stomped it to death.

I even faced a level 19 super boosted Einiasuchus.

level stegodeus and boost him. he will be relevant for a long time. i dont use him anymore but i come across him in aviary and library. he is a raptor kill too. and good again the rat