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How is this Erlidom speed boosted this high?

Ok, maybe I’m completely missing something, but I can’t see how this Erlidom has the speed boost that it has…

This shows that the speed is 186. Using the chart, that means it has its base stat of 129 plus 57 for Tier 5.

Boosts cost increase exponentially, and are cumulative.

Tier 1 cost 2.
Tier 2 cost 4 more (6 total).
Tier 3 cost 8 more (14 total).
Tier 4 cost 16 more (30 total).
Tier 5 cost 32 more (62 total).

So this Erlidom had to have 62 speed boosters spent on it. Speed boosters are not available for purchase. So far the only way to get them is through daily battle incubators (4 speed each in Aviary) and the one time gift incubator (5 speed).

We’ve had four days to collect them. Assuming this person had two additional days of daily battle incubators stacked, that’s 6 daily battle incubators (4*6=24) and the 5 from the gift, equalling a total of 29 speed boosters.

Based on that, the highest tier attainable today, assuming it all went into one dino is Tier 3.

What am I missing? Where did other 33 speed boosters come from to reach Tier 5?


I heard there was a incubator gift (with boosts) from ludia for some users. Don’t know if true but looks like that.

I got that gift and it was only 5 speed.

It must have been released in store then somehow… surley?

got something from Ludia but not close to that amount :slight_smile: seems interesting to have that high speed so early

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I was in the game within minutes of it releasing for iPhone. I never saw any method to purchase speed boosters and I was digging into every corner of the game I could.

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well seems like you did not dig deep enough :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s very possible. As I said, maybe I missed something. But 33 speed is a lot to get lucky to find a way to purchase. Even the attack/health purchase options are limited to 25.

Maybe tag a mod and ask? :slight_smile: curious to know myself.

Yeah, I could tag a mod, but I kind of assumed they read all the threads anyway. :sunglasses:

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Could it have been a Ludia test team? Check the Alliance.

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I’ll add that I did not take this screenshot. It was shared with me by someone else. I won’t name the player that had this Tier 5 Erlidom because I don’t want to “name & shame”. I can say that this was not someone from the Ludia dev alliance.

Ive recently fought someone with a tier 5 speed boosted thor. They are not in the ludia alliance.

I’ve heard some say that some players have the ability to purchase speed boosters. If this is true, it’s something Ludia needs to investigate and reverse the purchases and boost gains.

14,220 cloaked crit also just seems unnecessary

Not if its a shielded stegod for example! :smiley:

true now a days segod could have 10000000 HP

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It also depends on how many daily inc they had stored. If you don’t do then for a few days they stack up. 4 from each.

Yeah. I included that in the calculation. You can stack three at a time. That still means that without having the ability to purchase speed boosters, the max you can have as of today is 29.

Probably hacked or they have a glitch