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How is this Erlidom speed boosted this high?


Yeah and Id go by what the beta testers say over the mods who have repeatedly said they find out information the same time we players do.

I asked on the forums thursday if daily migrations were on the spawn table for scents… i got an answer from a metahub writer. No response from the mods.


I’m not stressed lol I’m making a point.

Yes I know it’s a feature that will allow you to directly purchase boosts, like when trying to level a dino with not enough coins, it prompts you if u want to buy more coins…yes the system is intend3d to work like that, but Not yet!

Basically the game bug is allowing you to do something before we are actually supposed to do it.

I do realise it was coded to be an actual feature, my point is, and confirmed by the mod, that it’s not supposed to let us do this YET.


@Stiffeno sorry :joy: it seemed as you were so I just tried to bring some peace among the chaos :sweat_smile:

But well, the mods aren’t sure of it yet, and maybe Ludia did mean to make it available to get speed boosts this way lol it does mean us players spend cash on a hot commodity and they benefit from that greatly lol so I wouldnt doubt it :thinking::joy:


The real problem here is you take “confirmed by a mod” to really mean something here.

Mods repeatedly confirmed last week darwins were spawning monday and tuesday… yet we all were having hatzes show up instead… then we have an emergency maintenance and poof darwins are spawning…


No worries lol just thought I’d clear it up.

Given that only Health and Damage boosts are listed for sale, missing the speed boost from the page, I’d say it’s a case of the system bugging out and allowing us to do something that was intended to be allowed at a later date…who knows maybe soon lol

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Fair enough, I know mods can make mistakes or be misinformed but it really does seem likely it’s a case of the system letting us do something we weren’t not yet intended to do…but will be at a later date.

Like the feature is unlocked but shouldn’t be, yet.


@Evicton @Stiffeno yeah, hopefully Ludia learns that the mods actually put work into trying to help everyone in the forum to keep it civil and organized… but we’ll see what they say tomorrow lol


Just to be clear to metahub reported this to Ludia yesterday as mentioned in one of the other threads. But apparently it was either working as intended or not important enough to have someone come in and fix.


Or it’s a honey pot being used to catch players using bugs hahaha jk lol.

Yeah I can’t see them bringing in staff to fix it, I mean they didn’t send staff to fix the tournament fiasco lol.

They will sort everything when the workers return.

I would hate to be a dev at Ludia on Monday, all the coding they gunna have to do to fix all these 1.7 issues ahaha.


They have a patch to deploy too…


Let’s hope it doesn’t introduce MORE issues in their mad rush to fix the current issues.

As someone who used to program, I can tell you this - Rushing + Programming = Big unforeseen issues!


it is possible. Not sure why it’s an option for me but I can buy the speed boosts this morning. Think I saw them late last week as well.


Ren: i have just checked my in game store and the * speed boosts *
are available right now if you check out the picture i have included
with this post everyone can see plain as day they ( speed boost )
are currently available for $500 in game cash !


it is now available in the shop, appeared like 2-3 hours ago for everyone :S


Does anyone else HATE the fact that we players answer each other’s questions, help solve bug problems, and generally announce features more than Ludia? Would be nice if we had an official spokesperson to actually answer questions and make announcements.

It’s as if we are all stumbling in the dark and figuring out how things work then posting it here for everyone else to know. It would save so many heated arguments if Ludia actually communicated with us.


Thursday i posted a question on here… about scents and daily migrations… never got a response from the mods… Metahub got an answer for me though.

I dont mind that often times Im the first or one of the first to respond to a question.

It does bother me the mods often seem more intrested in merging threads then helping people at times.


RiP my erli​:skull::+1:t2: