How is this even a fair tournament?



It’s only been active for about 8 hours and this is the leader boards? So all the people that spend hundreds of dollars on this game get the top prizes while the rest of us get screwed? How is this even a tournament?


It’s not we just have to hope ludia recognises that this is a great money making scheme but then remember the poor players and give more freebies xD


I doubt it but here to dreams :beers::beer:lol I’ve gotten over 3500 one time them lost the next 5 matches and am no stuck in the 3300 rang


It’s not

I’m wondering how long to wait until even bothering to battle again so the top players can move on and not use me as cannon fodder.


Don’t even want to be a part of it.


You still can fight without getting incubators, but I don’t know if you can miss rare and epic incubators, it should be!


Don’t forget that some of them are spoofers that slipped through Ludia and Ludia won’t do a thing about it. YOu can’t get as high as them either cause while spoofers that were caught got banned for a day and can’t be ranked, they still can keep you back.


Since you are saying this is not fair, could you please explain how this tournament can be made fair? Providing everyone level 26 dinos like in friendly battles? Even then, I am sure many will complain that they don’t have the unique dinos current high-level players would have!

This tournament is nothing different from any other Sports tournament/olympics that takes place where the sponsor wants to reap benefit which is making more money in this case.
The stronger person/team would obviously win. One can’t complain that the opponent is strong and therefore needs to be nerfed!!

What I would agree though is similar to above olympics reference, cheaters should be punished/barred from taking part and in turn should not effect other legit players.


You make a good point and it is right but how many cheat in the olympics! In addition, there are lesser leagues and competitions for those who cannot be at the top with nice rewards too! Such as chess. When they have tournaments they base it off a persons rating and so split the tournament into several sections to balance out the competition. The higher the section the bigger thr reward and the stronger the opponent


Yeah this whole idea is wildly idiotic. I get show down from 4400 to 3500 and I’m either facing really over-leveled or under leveled players. So I’m kind of stuck in the 3000’s now. Doesn’t make sense. It needs a complete overhaul.


Im going to wait a couple of days until everything goes as it was. Let the high levels get to their places and the avegare ones fight over the scraps aka, 3500 points.


The P2W players will get everything. It’s not fair on the rest of us. Even if Ludia gave everyone below the top ranks a free incubator it’s still not fair. It’s a nice top prize but it’s just going to make the top players better and the rest of us get left behind.


It was never going to be fair unless they banned spoofers from battling. They banned them from being ranked but didn’t bother banning them from taking your trophies in the tournament.


Well a way to make it fair would b to have a better match making system that analyzes the level and their of dinos per person and match them with people that r close to each other getting pitted against someone with level 26 donors and u only got 15 is kinda b’s at least if u r in the right level area then it comes down to skill


It depends on what you define as “tournament”. To ludia it means a race to see which whale out spends the other, to the common peasant it means how long do we have to wait til it’s safe to battle without getting smeared for 1000 trophies. And for the spoofers, it means how long they have to piss off the whales lol


I was just at 4000 when we all got bumped down to 3500. And I lost multiple times consecutively to people who obviously used to be ranked much higher than me, and then I totally destroy someone who was waaaaayyy to low to even be battling me. Ridiculous.


I agree with u a tournament shouldn’t b a pay to win ur supposed to go out and find the dinos I just got my Indominus rex after grinding my ass off and getting lucky


the first couple days are going to be messy. i just played someone with dinos 10 levels lower than mine. i had 4600 trophies, so people like that getting reset means we are playing people that had 3400ish trophies before the reset.


How bout an opt out? Your Olympics analogy is problematic also. The analogy would be best described as mixing the NFL, college football and high school football. Obviously the HS team is gonna get slaughtered by the rest. There is no way that my level 13-18 team is gonna touch a 20-30 level team. That is not a challenge it is in fact embarrassing. All you do is go backwards. I have no idea how to make it fair unless you have multiple tournaments with different levels.


All im saying is i grind for my dinos when o have the time i just got the indominus rex yesterday where as alot of these top ranked players just pay to get the best stuff its really not a tournament they should of just given out the rewards right away cause everyone is just going to b right back to where they were