How is this even possible!?!?

I don’t mean to be a hater or none of the sort but…

Can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me how this is possible without spoofing!!!???

I’d like to know!


DM a screen shot of their profile to a moderator, that’s what I’ve been doing.

Those are all base level uniques man. Not super incredible tbh. He wouldn’t need to be high level if he only leveled and fused what he needed for those uniques


Come on man! There are high leveled people on this forum that don’t even have half those Dinos!

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All depends in which local players live & work. Also depends in which country and city they live. Many also spend money to buy cash for coins and incubators.
It’s all about grinding and time you spend playing the game.

DM the profile to the moderators …
I agree, this is sketchy any way you put it.

Base level in uniques arent that big :man_shrugging:

Considering both players are L16, it is possibly ironic…

To fuse and level up that many Uniques, I’m quite sure that will lead the player to reach L20.

Just my opinion though. I may be wrong… :blush:

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:point_up: my 2 cents opinion got moderated…

As funny as it gets…

Considering both players are L16 it seems ironic…

The first one is iffy for sure. But the 2nd one is completly understandable

Level 20, play daily, battle daily, do all strike events, been buying level-up OTO since level 12, have VIP membership, yet have only unlocked Indoraptor and do not anticipate getting a second unique anytime in the foreseeable future… I don’t know how people do it… Really puzzled…


My point exactly! Way too iffy for their levels to have that many Uniques! I got my first unique and only the unique at that level! And it took me month and change of playtime to achieve just that one!

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Could be possible if they are US players with a lot of time.
As in PoGo, here in JWA is a big difference between US and other players in spawns, number of spawn points and supply drops.
So could be possible.