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How is this ever possible?

I just observe a player in my local community since he started a new account. He seldom play arena but grind hard for his end game team. I just wonder how to get Irritator DNA when he never reach Badlands and she is an exclusive dino. The most recently she was featured as week 28 last year but the account just created in early February. I can’t see any possibility to get that much DNA to raise magna to level 22. Can someone confirm if we can get all exclusive DNA from a normal incubator without having to reach a specific arena?


If they got super bored, they could’ve dropped down to lesss than 1000 trophies…

But there’s no legitimate way to have 2 uniques* and still be level 13

*and 2 level 28 dinos


yes, i have a level 4 friend and he won irritator dna from an strike incubator, he is actually in the second arena

Erlidom as well…


I’m level 13 and have 3 uniques now. And I’m in Badlands.

What about requests? They could have just requested Irritator DNA.

That’s just a spoofer :joy:

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You can’t get irritator DNA by location spoofing. :rofl:

That’s the same thing I always wonder. He said that he sold his previous account but his progress on the new account is very suspicious. I start to believe the first account just got banned because I’m friend with that account and there is no progress ever since (now with 0 trophy).

How does this post slip past every one’s attention?

Further proof Ludia does absolutely nothing about cheating.

I didn’t even mean the irritator, I meant the 25 erlidom, 28 spinotas, and 28 tryos.

Don’t think it is… the level should be way higher…