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How is this fair for a 10yr old

I’m not sure how ludia expects a 10yr old to pass a level like this with making there parents spend lots of actual money.

Just give it up. I bet it’s the last node of one of the daily resource quests or scale quests. Why so obsessed with taking down these sawmaws? It’s one of the hardest so give it up and wait for the easier ones, if it’s scale quest. If it’s resource quest, it’s not a big deal. There isn’t always sawmaw in the last node of green scale quests.

It’s the main quest line. So she is going to be stuck at this point until she has 5 dragons of 5 stars at full level and she blows a lot of runes to get passed this. Or ludia actually address the balance issue with this dragon. She quite literally can’t do anything, you can’t attack with out powering up 2/3 grittysawmaws and then they let off 2/3 power attacks killing all her dragons and healing themselves back to full health. The dragon is way over the top and ludia have known this for a long time.

Use more red dragons and hope for a good board

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Funny you should post that… I’ve been stuck on that level for ages, and decided to give it a shot with the new Snoggletog Toothless, leveled to 2*, and I actually made it today! Full team was Snoggletog, warcry, obsurdian, tricky, and skullcrusher - the only maxed one was warcry. I pay for flight club and the occasional pack here and there but it’s rare, so I think it’s possible for a non-paying player too.

Hope that helps your youngster and good luck!

ETA: I focused on charging up warcry and Snoggletog as much as possible to slow down the sawmaws.

Well now I know what you mean.
But I get past it. Blistering Badlands, 70th level. Try defeat them before they get a chance to use their ability, or just don’t let sawmaw use its ability after chestnut knight. Admittedly sheer luck but I did it on my first try. I am f2p, my sawmaw, stormfly are at 3* maxed, bombwelter at 4* level 57, Toothless at 5* level 53, total bp 5712.
Stormfly+Bombwelter+Sawmaw is a really good combo, and Toothless help them get ready.
Yeah for a ten year old who might not know much about tile matching it is too hard.

She doesn’t have a sawmaw but otherwise her total box is about 500 up on yours. Obviously I’ve helped her but this is a bit ridiculous. Hoping for luck is not a solid game plan

Well this game is just all about luck. Beside the board, the formation of enemy dragons is also a big factor. One good thing is that you only need to have luck on your side for once to get past this level.

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Well she did it today but something I haven’t seen before happened. Instead of 3 sawmaws on the bottom level it only had 2 and they were on the top level . I have never seen a lay out of dragons change on a level before, is this common ? She had toothless and warcry and between them was able to shut them down before they could get there powers off

Yep, the formation of the dragons can change on the levels. I’ve seen it quite a few times. Congrats to the kiddo!

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