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How is this kill possible?

I bring out L24 Indoraptor, opponent brings in L22 Tenonto, I cloak. He hits through cloak with DSI (should have been 2,025 damage, no crit) didn’t crit (3,037) yet eliminates Indo who had full health (3,715).

What am I missing?

I rage quit and said I’m done with this.
I certainly hope there’s a simple explanation for what happened and I missed it.

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Stat boost :joy: sadly I have no idea


In before the “that didn’t happen”, video or no proof crowd comes in.

As explained it doesn’t make sense. You probably forgot about some other fact like you used Indo earlier and it was damaged. Happens.


Something similar happened to me. It was last kill wins the battle, he switches in a postosuchus and I instantly see the “you lose” screen.

hacker, obvious

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It was the very first creature I brought out.
Full health.

Did your game glitch out or was there a long wait before this move took place?

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Maybe it was a defense shattering rampage in the next round and the game kinda stuck on the previous round visual?

Weird things like that happened to me before when my net went away and the game visually stuck in the previous round


My guess is this: Ludia’s way of booting me so they could do the update.

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First round.

I opened with cloak.
He hit me with DSI.
I died.
I brought out Erlidom, thought about what just transpired and closed the game.

But then maybe the game went onto the next round and he hit you again?

Idk, just saying the game can do weird stuff with disconnected internet or otherwise.

Video or no proof, here we go…

Did you mean to say: “Ludia has bad code that can’t handle even a slight connection bump without wigging out.”?

That’s possible, but 4G full bars Verizon.

My guess is I got booted for update.

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Sounds like he Crit. Maybe the animation didn’t show properly but that seems like a rational reason right?

Sorry, but when someone tells a story like that that doesn’t add up, there’s no way to confirm/deny without video proof. Why even ask the question if you can’t show us what happened?

Sounds reasonable.
Except Indo would easily survive the crit.

Because I have asked questions in the past, someone replied with an explanation that I had missed.

This scenario is implausible.

The only explanation I can see that makes sense is the update caused this.


/10 Echo

This sounds reasonable, except Indo would have easily survived a crit from DSI.