How is this person #1 right now?


Wow they are doing great for being at only level 11.


Thats probably a team for some event strike


I didn’t believe in battle hacking until I saw that team. Threre is 0% chance of winning with that team even once in arena 8. No other explanation.

Unless they are just hiding their real team. Not sure if you can be only level 11 though with a top team.


I am at level 11 and I am no where close to that. I am actually wondering if they went through everyone’s account who they thought were cheating.I would encourage ludia to investigate these players that could have cheated to get to the top.


I don’t call people cheaters unless I’m 100% sure. Could be he has battled friendly pvp and wanted to try different dinos. Though that guy had same team yesterday but since there is no reason for him/ her to battle anymore unless someone gets higher rank since winners reward is that good. So maybe just battles friendly pvp and likes these dinos. Who knows.


Ludia is laughing all the way to the bank. They couldn’t really care less.

I understand that people can change up their teams for friendly battles and the like, but to only be at level 11 with those dinos? No way.


He found a secret and I just tried it and am skyrocketing up,the leaderboard.

If your team has just 1 creature above level 19, you end up facing opponents with similar criteria and can win over 90% of the time.

My first 3 matches were tough teams but once I cleared the cache I started playing the easy teams. Hah, they probably think I’m trying to go down levels. Up over 900 trophies this morning.


Technically I only have one OVER lvl 19 and I’m not finding this to be the case


I don’t understand what you mean. Can you elaborate please?


I can understand matching with opponents of similar lineups, but what about the trophies match logic?

Once he crossed 4.3K trophies, any eligible opponent in Jurassic Ruins would be far stronger than him, unless the matching logic ignores the trophies range and still tries to match him with similar lineup from lower arenas.


It’s the chosen one who claimed the top of the leaderboard! :smiley:


Maybe it’s all under level 20 and he switched that one in? I used all under 20s.


After a 52mb update, he’s gone now.


Gone where though! He had over 6000! Banned perhaps!


Yep. Permanently. The new banwave is currently picking the spoofers off like flies right now. This time, it’s a permanent ban.


Have we actually been heard? Now, this is new.


It’s all over the Metahub discord channel and the FB JWA page.


Level 11 and in first place, totally easy to achieve. Haha