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How is this posible?

Can any1 explain this. My uniq indoraptor is 30lv full boosted, 6380hp against oponent’s uniq indoraptor 29lc with 7000hp. Can anyone explain that?

My maths could be wrong so may be corrected but if you put 20 health boosts on a 29 Indoraptor it would have 7291 hp, so it just has more health boosts than yours does.


@Iggy_Schiljak just because you can’t boost your level 30 Indoraptor any further doesn’t mean a lower-level Indoraptor can’t have one of its stats higher than yours’.

You’re allowed a maximum of 30 boosts, but the maximum for each stat is 20. This means that you can have 0 boosts in speed and still have 30 boosts overall. So a level 21 Indoraptor with a few boosts in speed would be able to outspeed a max-boosted max-levelled one, but it would have lower health and attack.

Similarly, the situation here is that level 29 had more boosts in health than yours did, and less boosts in the other stats.