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How is this possible to be dedeated with these dinosaurs?

Holy crap, that Mammoth. Yeah, skip this one. Ludia’s “rebalancing” on U36 has resulted in the occasional unwinnable match for folks, and you just drew a short straw.

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Not impossible but tuff, I would do Articus, pano, thyla in that order with the ultimate goal to get thyla in a position to hit the mammoth with 5 attack points which is what it will take to kill it. After that the rest of the match is easy since you can one hit the brontotherium and three hit the megosterium getting to that point will be tricky though.

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I defeated that mammoth. And now how to defeat this?

Thylacosmilus will need 7 hits on the two caverns. Urtinotherium will need 8 hits to do the same. I’m not sure how you get fully charged up twice. You need to bump up your Savannah and Cavern creatures to match your Thylacosmilus