How is this possible?


Ok so I just played against this player in the arena. I managed to win probably because the person is just having fun with Raptors but how do they have a level 30 v Raptor? And other super high level dinos? Did they spend thousands on the game or what? I know I’ve spent a heck of alot more cash on this game then I’d to admit but still.

This is the other player

And this is me and my team.


Yes you are correct Nobadmojo is real and must farm V-raptor like crazy staying up all night. Also he is just dropping rank most likely as I know he has way bigger Dino’s then those raptors and fighting 30 bots is boring for us at the top. I just lose till I drop far enough to hit real players and work my way back up. Most of us do it for a change of pace in game.


Here’s the reason.


LV 30 Raptor is nothing special on Leaderboard … but most heavy whales do not even use V-Raptor anymore.