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How is Trophy win/lose working?

Actual Trophy count: 5000-5100

Average team level 24’75
Indoraptor, Thor, DC, Edmontoguana 26
Touramoloch 25
Tryko 24
Purrutaurus 23
Zorion 22

And actually facing lower trophy player with higher average team level (28). When losing against these teams I lose 40 trophy.

Then facing +28 teams With higher trophy count and wining , I only win 20 trophy.

How is this working because maths are not working and seems whatever I do I will be again in aviary sooner than expected.


I’m looping btw 5k to 5.1k+, dino lvls a mix of 25-27, 3 lengendaries, only thor is 28. When I reach the higher end, I’ll begin to drop and the loop repeats. Probably needs to lvl up a few dinos before I can get out of this loop and see any meaningful progression.

The point is, why losing so many trophy against most powerful teams and only wining 20 if I win. No sense at all


Yea I get 30 and 36 trophies for win /loss respectively. Personally I’m not really bothered anymore , perhaps it’s part of the game design or something. I guess my aim is just try and have fun with the new 1.9 game mechanics. :slightly_smiling_face:

3 battles
-120 trophis.

Rivals all better than me in terms of both boost and level.

@ned or any mod can have a talk to devs and explain us this?

So now I have to win 7 battles in a row just to regain teophies lost with 3??

This is absurd


It’s broke.

That is all, it’s broke.


My trophy range is around 4900-5100. Today I got matched with someone with 5.9k trophy counts, his team has L29-30 dinos. Of course I lost, losing 36 trophy counts. Then I realize that he was on the leaderboard. Both the trophy system and matchmaking are broken.


I wonder the same. I was at ~5100 last night. To complete the daily incubator I dropped 240 trophies this morning. All consecutive losses of -40 trophies, with one win of +20.

It usually happens when I face stronger teams than mine. Monsters of lvl 28-30 when my average team is 25.5 (max lvl 26- min lvl 24)

I contacted support and this is their response:

Thank you for writing in!

I’m happy to offer you assistance. Do you recall the approximate time and date this particular battle took place to help us investigate further?

Also, I can assure you that the game will match you against a player with a Power Score as close to yours as possible. Your Trophy count starts as a base to calculate your initial Power Score but then this Power Score increases whenever rarer creatures are added to your team or whenever you apply Stat Boosts to your creatures. The amount of trophies that you gain or lose after a match are also affected by this Power Score.

As for the trophy distribution, the amount of Trophies won or lost is determined solely by the difference between your Strike Team’s Power Score versus your opponent’s Power Score.

If you have any additional questions, comments or concerns please do let us know at any point!

Looking forward to your reply.

I provided further information, as of now I don’t have more information but I assume they are studying this case?
Something is not working as intended. I really hope they fix it soon, because it’s unsustainable.

Edit: as for the “power score”, none of my creatures goes beyond t6 at any stat. Whereas I’m facing dinos with t7 or even one t8 Magna and still loosing 40 trophies…


Hey DPG members, thanks for bringing this to our attention! I’ll be sure to let our developers know so that they can take a closer look.

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Is it only the 5000 range that’s like this or is it everywhere?

I just faced 5274 trophies while I am at 5032. I lost 40.

Their team average - 25.75 including 29 thor and 30 rat.
my team average - 24.0

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Idk if it’s just me but since the patch released the algorithm for trophies gained/lost seems off. It’s a range from from 20-40. 40 lost would be against a much lesser powered opponent while 20 lost would be a much stronger opponent.

I usually check my opponents dinos after the match to see how their 8 stack up level wise. I know I can’t see boosts but from the battle you can get a general idea.

It seems I’m constantly losing 35-40 to teams that are much stronger than mine lately.

Here’s my last battle:
My opponents team

My team:

I lost 40 trophies. My current trophy level is 5293.

The match before I lost 38 trophies and the oppenent had 5/8 dinos level 30, with again a higher trophy count.

Again Idk maybe it’s me but it seems to be a much higher loss rate even if the opponent is better than you since the patch

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So it seems we keep being penalized against much stronger teams whatever the result is…

40 loss
20 win

Some 30s bit not majority

It’s getting worst and worst and Ludia doesn’t care at all.

Same here, I faced a monster team much better than me, I almost won but failed and I lost 40.
I tried again I was against exactly the same team (same guy? Not sure) and I fortunately won. I got 20 trophy lol this is a big joke


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i think the thing causing this is trophy count. since matchmaking has low players with high trophy counts and high players with low trophy counts, and since the initial score is based on trophies, if your trophy count is higher, even though their team is stronger you will lose more trophies

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My team ranges are pretty much 30 and 31 for wins and losses. I ended up, up in trophy’s on both my accounts even though I was messing around on my 2nd account with an entire long neck team and lost a few but won the trophy’s back.
DestinyRanking OrionRanking

Players have been reporting this to support for days, and posts have been made here and on Reddit multiple times since right after 1.9 dropped. Just FYI.

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It seems that this trophy calculation doesn’t take boosts into account (especially speed). Same for the amount of trophies. Boosts and amount should become a higher factor in this calculation.
Loosing against an opponenent who has 200 trophies more than you should never result in -40 trophies.
The same for battles versus players with boosted dinosaurs that are 2 or more levels below your dinosaurs.
If you loose against an opponenent who has boosted his team to (almost) the same level as your team, you should not loose that much trophies.

Imho in these cases players should be happy that they a) didn’t have to take long walks to level up their dinosaurs AND b) still have challenging battles.

The calculation is not fair imho, even after considering that you want to make it harder for players to gain trophies again after intentionally loosing battles.

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I’m in the 2000 range and I just can’t get out of the Badlands. I even go up against lvl 21-23, while right now, my team is at 16-21.

It’s really annoying. In avairy, I gain only 20+ if I beat opponent with 200 trophies higher than me. If I lose to someone with lower trophies I lose 30+ trophies…

It does take boosts into account. However, it weights all boosts equally while speed boosts have a greater weight in the outcome of a battle. They need to tweak the formula.