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How is your year ending?


For JWA anyway.

For me, I’ve had a terrible day in battling. Out of 18 matches, I’ve won 3 since this morning. Went from 4290 to 3863. I wanted to rage, but I’ve finally learned that this game simply isn’t worth it.

For fusing however, its been a great day! I’ve gotten 1 70, 6 50s, 4 30s, and 7 20s. I leveled up 4 legendaries and got enough dna for ingredient epics to last me a few days. I just ran out of coins. Lol

All in all though, not too bad.


Sorry about the trophy loss, I’ve been there (> 500 one day) but you will find you’ll regain them soon.

As for me, it’s been great - finally surpassed 5,000 trophies and even reached the LB (5,059 trophies, rank #482). It won’t last but I’m enjoying it for now :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year!

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Dropped 100 trophies, but that’s okay, 'cause I was already way over my head at almost 4300… only wish it wasn’t because of the same old problem… bad RNG…


Rng is whats been getting me, and randomly facing level 25+ dinos. Which I shouldn’t be dealing with. Faced a lvl 27 indo and lvl 26 Utah, got my butt whooped.


Probably arena droppers… trying to climb back up as the tournament is coming to an end (in a week…) They should be out of your neighborhood soon.

Can relate to RNG sometimes just turning against you. But it will turn around, it always does!

GL :slightly_smiling_face:


I hit 4519 trophies and retiering until end of season. And got a 90 fuse on trykosauRus today making it 150/250 to create now.


Found 2 sino, 3 baryonyx, 1 rajasaurus, and a pteranodon. My ankylocodon can be evolved to L30 as soon as I have the coin, and recovered from the losing streak that saw me go from 109 to 450 then back up to 180. Not too shabby…


Just did a battle and won a epic incubator :grin: still 3 and a half more hours left until it’s officially 2019 for me.


Just shy of 4900, which surprises me quite a lot. I’ve been playing since May, but took half of Sep and all of Oct off. F2P except for a few months of VIP a while back and a crap ton of Tapjoy offers.

I honestly thought I’d be much longer even getting back to this point. I love my Tenontorex. Reminds me of my bun. Cute and cuddly, but tick her off and watch your fingers. :smiley:

Sitting on a 12 hour, really really hoping for diloph (really) because I’m 90 short of Green Chicken with plenty of Ourano and Dino Chicken standing by.

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My year is ending with a stockpile of plastic kits from Christmas that I will build eventually…