How? Just, how?

I don’t understand how so many have Indo-Raptors. I’ve been working on this for MONTHS, and I play several hours everyday.

Any way to get T-rex to appear that I’m not aware of? I rarely get to see Rexy.

T Rex is a global anytime spawn. Also spawns more frequently near restaurants. Try hunting in an area with alot of restaurants.

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Hey I think we’ve battled before! And thanks I’ll try that.

Yeah that‘s something I‘m wondering about the whole time.
Rexy is extremely rare in my environment and I only get 50-60 DNA per round. The Velocis show up at night but I have to invest some hours for 300-400 DNA cause they don‘t show up that often.

And I don‘t even have IRex though I play since some weeks and play many hours per day.


Ah what’s your in game name? :blush:

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Same as on here lol

I often heard that Rexy shows up more times than other epics but well not for me. Lol
I see many Brachiosaurus and sometimes Noodopatosaurus but Rexy is way harder to find.

And I need her DNA so bad. Why can‘t I clone it? :thinking:

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Does look familiar. Lately I don’t battle much at all, been focusing on my team so I can progress.

For me that’s true. I see 6-7 daily.

And this is leftover from getting my Indo to here…

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Well envy‘s a sin but…

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I kinda have the feeling that in the USA they‘ve got other spawn mechanics. :rofl:

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I tear up a little every time I see this :cry:

Maybe their attracted to u b/c of your screen name ?:thinking::joy:

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It must be!! Good point.

Now I need an explanation for the Sinos…:rofl:


I will wait a bit to evolve and not be upset as I may get 10 dna for it :joy::joy::joy:!!! I still have remaining 450 dba of T Rex…

A trex has to eat? Sino could be the prey?:joy:
Problem solved



I told you to come over!!!

:joy: See you in about 8 hours :running_woman:t2:

Yep, I’m jealous lol

T-rex is a common epic, and I get 6-8k raptors if I go on a passenger ride @ night.