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How jw alive will make you addicted for the rest of your life

I like it and I am addicted to this game. I was thinking and here I want to forward this thinking (suggestion) to Ludia.
Simply add hidden quests to the map. Can be placed any kind of quest: For example- In the quest it would be interesting to be able to invite a number of friends who will work together to complete it. It can be with a certain number of hours, days, weeks a month, depending on the creator and the difficults of the quest.
You can put anything in the quest, the most interesting would be to beat a boss. Rewards are everything you would like to give. It would also be interesting to know how to recognize the secret quest. In short range to see something flashing that indicates that there is a secret quest in that area for investigation.
There are many things that can be included in how to give an item that will last 24 hours as a reward for the finished quest that would make a creature similar to Lord of Lithronax so that someone in the PVP could be ranked top. Because pvp fights could become really boring in the style of ping pong
If you like something do not procrastinate, do it as soon as possible :slight_smile:


I like that idea