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How JWA hybrids would do in real life?


How would hybrids from JWA fare in real life? That’s the question for this thread.

I think Trykosaurus would have no problem taking down a sauropod as it could just smash its knee causing the sauropod to fall over.

How do you think hybrids from the game would do in real life? Leave your thoughts down below!


Real life as in 365 million years ago, or real life in 2019?

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Trykosaurus, Diorajasaurus, Rajakylosaurus would be either sauropod killers with their heavy armors or most likely dedicated bully scavengers, muscleing off non-armored predators off of carcasses and fresh kills.

Indominus Rex would be an Apex Predator, hunting whatever it wants. It’s basically a perfect mix of Giganotosaurus and T-Rex with apelike arms. It could and would kill anything it wanted.

Indoraptor most likely would be a pack hunter normally, hunting medium and large prey in 2-4 packs.

Mononstegotops… Highly territorial omnivore, most likely, securing an area and grazing the plants there and killing and eating anything it could catch. Then move onto the next territory if it’s current one is exhausted.

Alankylosaurus and Darwezopteryx would be predators, just like Quetzacoatlus, patroling the sky for any potential meal, then land and kill whatever they set their eyes on. Since Darwezopteryx has jagged teeth and Alankylosaurus has a jagged, crushing beak, they would be able to hunt pretty large preys. Alankylosaurus could be an omnivore as well.

Stigydaryx imo looks like a dedicated nutcracker. Imagine a prehistoric giant tucan, eating fruits and seeds. It has a beak that would crush coconuts easily.

Pterovexus… Looks kinda like a vanilla Dimorphodon, so I am guessing either insects and lizards or fish. Probably both.

Suchotator, Spinotasuchus and Tryostronix are basic Spinosaurids in anatomy, so dedicated fish eaters. Maybe catching sick or juvenile dinosaurs when fish is scarce.

Gigaspikasaurus, Nodopatosaurus and Nodopatotitan are standard sauropods basically. Only difference is that they might not have any natural predators, because of their armor.

Proceratomimus and Monomimus probably would fill the niche of a small predator like Coelophysis or Ornitholestes.

Ankylocodon would function similarly to how I described Mononstegotops.

Majundasuchus… Probably an Apex predator hunting around wetlands, being both deadly in water and on land.

Gorgosuchus and Megalosuchus would be Apex predators as well, just like how Postosuchus was. Same for Purrolyth.

Grypolyth is basically a weird Sarcosuchus, so same ambush predator. Sarcorixis as well.

Utarinex is standard pachycephalosaur, so small sized prey herbivore. Touramoloch would be a typical hadrosaur except having little to none predation, because it is heavily spiked.

Stegodeus, Amsrgacephalus and Tragodistis would probably be standard Ankylosaurids, so armored herbivores being able to fend off attackers. Probably would be even better in that than their pure counterparts.

Utahsinoraptor and Pyrritator are standard dromaeosaurids. Probably they would be around 6-7 meters, knowing their genetic makeup, making them almost Apex predators or maybe even apexes.

Tenontorex is basically an Iguanodon. Nothing to say about it. Edmontoguanodon as well.

Diplotator probably would function like a crocodile instead of a salamander.

Skoolasaurus… I kinda imagine it as a snapping turtle, waiting on the bottom of the lake to catch unsuspecting fish.

Erlidominus would be an unstoppable Apex predator as well.

Diloranosaurus is not that different from Dilophosaurus, so basically middle sized predator. Diloracheirus probably would function like Monostegotops.

Thoradolosauruses, Tyrannolophosaurus and Allosinosaurus are basically vanilla Apex predator theropods.


Dimodactylus… No particular reason, but I always imagined it as a sky piranha, hunting in flocks and ripping out huge chunks of flesh from any prey it could sink those razor teeth.

Magnapyrritor… It has a sickle claw, a fin and semiaquatic capabilities from the Spinosaurid parent and has raptor DNA. I imagine it a pack hunter version of Majundasuchus, being an effective killer on both land and in shallow water.

Monolometrodon is just a punk Dimetrodon. Nothing different.


in 2019… they would definately have control over the tv remote…


My Meg is finally Apex :heart_eyes::yum:


You got it.

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I don’t see a bad idea of indoraptor hunting in packs but there’s a problem with the idea: indoraptor is made of indominus rex DNA and one of its components is Majungasaurus DNA, meaning that it could have been a cannibal as well


They could behave like a pride of Lions or pack of Wolves.

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I assume that both Magna & Monolometrodon would behave like Dimetrodons would?

Dimodactylus would be a smaller/same sized/bigger Pterovexus/Dimorphodon?

And Dracoceratops would be like Pachy & Stygimoloch?


Dracocera would be nocturnal and sneak up on dinos while they’re asleep, clunk them on the head and steal their hard earned food.


Lmao, that I can see… :rofl:

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Indeed. Forgot about those. :slight_smile:


Dracorat is a rat, it would eat whatever it could sink those little teeth into.


How about battles, no not the kind where a rat destroys giants just by making eye contact with them, I mean real battles, like where size matters. how about this: Tryko vs Stegodeus.


Considering T-Rex vs Ankylosaurus is around 60-40% in Rex’s favor, I would assume this will be a similar case, since they are both Armored and they have the same weak-points as their pure counterparts.


Given examples of Allosaurus skeletons with stegosaur impalement marks on the bones, I don’t think Tryko would fair well. Allosaurus was a fairly nimble predator so if even they couldn’t get out of the way reliably of a tail swipe, Tryko would be in dire straits to attack one. It’d be far to slow to be an active hunter with all that bony armor. Given Stegodeus comes from Apatosaurus DNA, it’d probably be massive and mostly unassailable by anything short of Indominus Rex.

With the top heaviness that Tryko has with all that armor, if it took one thagomizer to the legs and collapsed it’d probably die from broken ribs


The hybrids would attract big crowds just so they could get it on their phone, and then they would get eaten by a Baryonyx because he doesn’t like being on video.

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Because you KNOW I would have to be watching the hybrids battle.