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How long are the breaks?

I am just curious how long are the characters on break?

From what I can tell, it really depends. All of my characters have been grayed out for a month now, others in the Lovelink Interactive Game FB Group have had grayed out characters for a month and a half. It depends on when you downloaded and started playing the game. If you looks in your app store, they do post events for new characters, but not sure when updates on characters will be, unfortunately

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It seems that right now the dev team is focusing more on releasing new characters than releasing updates for characters who have been away for a while, so it’s up in the air as to how long we will have to wait to see anyone return from being away. Hopefully not too much longer, and I personally hope for characters that never have been updated yet to make a return soon as well.

It sucks that they aren’t doing updates. I would rather explore the characters that I have than new ones. You would think they would worry about people loosing interest due to lack of older characters development.

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They will, I’m sure, we just have no idea when and it seems like the main focus is adding characters despite the interaction with them being really short before they go offline for a while. Ideally the dev team would update at least a couple stories of older characters AND release one new character than only one or the other as it has been thus far, but maybe they’ll do that in the future. Although I am waiting for one character terms to be released, overall I am a little tired of only one new character a week when there’s no update for characters who have been away for a long, long while since the new character’s story is so short at first.

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I would also like them to be focusing on updating the existing characters and adding one every so often. To have SO many already in conversation that are stuck on break is just annoying… I dont even want to be bothered starting new ones if they are just going to stop so quickly anyway.

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I may not care much about Rory/Garrett but the conversation with them was incredibly short before they went offline for a while.

I still think the dev team should do updates where at least 2-3 characters are updated that were away previously and 1 new character. That way we can be sure the ones away will eventually return. As it is I’m hesitant to invest anymore money into the game unless it’s major sales, but even then I have enough diamonds for a while, since I don’t know when or if characters I like will be updated. I remember with WYS they abandoned the Lovelink characters while presumably making the Lovelink standalone app, but as far as I know they didn’t say they were abandoning those characters so they left it up to players to realize this.