How long did it take you to get your first Apex or Unique?

I’ve been playing since October 2021and unlocked Thoradolosaur a month ago. I just got it to level 22.

I’m nowhere near an Apex but I was wondering how long it took everyone here to get one. If so, did you buy DNA? How long did it take you to get your Apexes or Uniques to level 30?

(Yes I also spend money on this game, mainly for the Albertosaurus DNA which seems like it will pay off as I’m not far from Albertocevia now. But I play for fun, not to be the top player because that’s absolutely impossible considering …)

I started sept 2021, completely ftp. Have about a sozen uniques lvl 21-26. Thor was probably my first too, around december so 3mths or so in. Dont do too many raids as ive focused more on pvp meta than raid meta, but have started on the two fusible apexes, currently fused around 200 on vasilas & am working on dio to start levelling up and then fusing anky.


It usually takes abt 1 yr of consistent raiding weekly to get an apex to reach 30. My ref is 245/250 to lvl30 this week, and I didn’t miss a single ref raid til now. Tho some may get it slightly faster than others due to good rng rolls. Also to add on, no I didn’t buy any ref incs.

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I’ve unlocked 5 apexes and I would say my estimate is that it takes around 3 months to unlock them through raiding only (the way I’ve done it). Unique unlocking varies. It’s definitely a LOT easier once you’re more advanced.

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I got my first because of alliance, for some reason I can’t remember when I started lol

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