How long do some missions take?

I’m at a mission now that requires me to have 25 dinosaurs at level 40. But I just haven’t got close to the resources to do this?.

Some missions take longer, some are quicker.
From my experience, those are not the worst because you will make use of those dinos, even if you just use them to fuse.
Check this spreesheet to see the missions you have to do. You are on episode 25 I think

Indeed some missions take a lot longer than others. If you like moving through the missions at a reasonable rate one suggestion is to hold off on making hybrids until you have 2 of the parent dino’s at lvl 40. This will help tons, you will find a fair amount of missions that require a certain number of dino’s from a particular class to be at a particular level. You will often find yourself making copies of the same common dino just to fulfill the mission requirements unless you are far enough along to have more dino’s unlocked and the resources to purchase and lvl them up.

The missions are good for XP but other than that IMO there is no need to rush them, once you get further along you can burn through some pretty quick.

Ill sit on easy missions for days sometimes just because i’m focused on something else. Right now i have a mission, Feed a Stegoceratops. I have 1 it’s at lvl 10 so i need to purchase another, I could buy one right now if i really wanted but i’m saving that DNA for the hybrid discount today so i can purchase 2 other dino’s. It might be another week before i buy that Stego.

Make level 40 commons. You can fit 9 dino level 40s. (No space to get more than 9).

Make 9 of each of the cheapest commons until you finish the mission.

It will help coin collection too.

1 level 40 triceratops is about 1000DNA depending on how many evolves it takes. You should be able to watch about 1000DNA worth of ads a day. Creeping towards this goal it possible. Also, remember that commons evolve right away to a free speed up. If you have the DNA, pack your paddocks full of level 20s while hatching. Than move back to hatching longer timed dinos while evolving all of the level 20s up.

Edit: for the base question, I’ve been on my current mission for like a week. I need a level 40 stegosaurus. Of course, I just fused it for a hybrid and only have a level 10 when that happened! I’m hatching the rest out now. I run my hatchery for all of the things I get first to keep my market clear for better trades.

I can’t watch ad’s for DNA because it doesn’t work.

Do you get “no content available”? If so, reset your advertising Id (that is what is is called on an iPad).

If you can watch the ad, but it doesn’t add any DNA, you need to email support to open a ticket.

Just spend money on card packs and fuse the dinosaurs you get from them.

Don’t really want to spend all kinds of real money.

Unfortunately I can’t help you then.