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How long does it take jaime to get to the hotel?

So after you give or dont give OZO the code jaime says hes on his way to you at the hotel.

Its been 3 days and he still hasn’t come back and I can’t blow a kiss and hes not greyed out…how much longer do I have to wait?

It should be soon then he will go off

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He came back for me and then things happened. Now he’s offline for a while again. I don’t think we’ve finished a single date :disappointed: :sob:

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Yeah he finally came back after I posted. I was so scared it was ending! Whew! Just temporarily!

But yeah…gonna be a fun next chapter!

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Also wish the dates could get a little more than pg 13 again!

They let us have a centaur but now we can’t get past second base! So frustrating!

Liam and Jaime are so PG its annoying!

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Agreed! Like the centaur was awkward but humans are a no? :disappointed:

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I agree with you on the dates. Like in the Alice/Eve story you finally meet her after being apart for so long and then just hug and chat, even when she takes you on a private yacht and goes skinny dipping with you.

If that was me, I’d have ravaged her wildly the moment I set eyes on her.

But as for Jamie. This has been a really tense amd exciting story. Definitely the most fun of all the boys. I just wish he had a female counterpart I could experience that with.

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I agree on the PG13 dates of all the apps similar to Lovelink and I have tried them all, Lovelink is pathetic compared to some of it’s rivals


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