How long does it take Ludia support to respond?

Was just wondering how long it takes for them to reply usually

Couple days

3 or so days, i have been waiting three now :frowning:

At least 5 business days in general.

P.S.: Don’t send several times your request otherwise it will push it down the queue.

Oh great so I asked them how long it takes and now it’s gonna take longer :frowning:

If you keep following up, then it’s quicker. Not necessary to get the answer you need though.

Once the support asked me to be patient, so I waited… then the case was closed after I had waited for too long…

Most the time they will respond and ask you to do x y and z but in your original message you will tell them the problem and that you’ve done x y and z to troubleshoot. So a whole message is wasted them asking you to do what you’ve already tried. So you have to message them back asking if they even read your message and wait another 2-3 days. :man_shrugging:

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