How long does it takes until the Support is helping?

So I bought the Halloween Bundle for 55€ and didnt get anything from it. I still paid the price.

The support system only has send a message saying “We are receiving more messages than normal. An agent will respond to your case as soon as they can. Thanks for your continued patience!”.

What are your experience? How long did it take for the support to help you?

i have a similar issue, i requested some assistance after i couldn’t log on after i woke up 2 days ago, it kept saying error 10029, i sent about 4 requests and to this day, still nothing. So now i lost faith and just deleted my game, i’ll redownload it in a week if ever i don’t see any fixes that’ll suppress it earlier. Other than that, yes, I experienced the same thing you did, and its been 2 days and there is still no reply.

3 days, if you’re lucky.

3-5 days? We spend money and donte get teh stuff we pay for? I did The same buy and misst The vip box that i whas to buy whit The bucks from halloween event buy 49.99 and no reply! I have sent lots of mail and no reply?

Sending more mails doesn’t help your complaint be handled faster. It just adds to messages support has to handle in total. Nobody said your money is lost; you just have to wait a bit.

Its not That… if you buy a box whit 7000 buck and you like to buy The vip box to get a Dino you need… well then you miss it… and what happenings then? Wellpapp you get pisst off… spending 100$…

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