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How long have you been playing this game?

I’m definitely an OG player, I’ve been playing for 4 years :sauropod:


Not sure. My oldest account was before mods, the prize wheel was based on odds and the “strength” of the spin determined the prize. I always used to time it to either get a cenozic or aquatic packs. Good times. Also back when Smilodon and Kelenken were super rares and not tournament legendaries Lol

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Remember chunky Argentinasaurus, that how long I’ve been playing.


Welcome to the community @EmmaB16 , I started playing near the mosasaur 1 monthe tournament on my first account,
Also may I see your lineup @EmmaB16

My first time playing was during 2015 Android release. I didn’t play for very long as I was not really interested in JWTG back then, was more inclined to JPB. My current account however was active since February 2020.


I started 3 months after launch, back in june/july 2015, so coming up on 6 years now.

Long time vet :stuck_out_tongue: i played since before hybrids, tournament dinos, mods, boosters, trade harbor, isla sorna, aquatics, cenozoics, VIP and even VIP dinos.

Back then the game was just the basic 4 rarities, with Trex being the strongest dino in the game. Oh how the power creep has evolved this game…


I started playing in late 2015, I played till I got the indonominus and I remember it was the strongest creature there, then while I was at the beach in a crazy party I broke my iPhone so my game was lost and I was sad for my Dinos.

Then in 2020 in pandemics I’ve got pretty bored and tried to revive my game by contacting Ludia and they helped me and my huge surprise is that my Dinos were there :heart::heart: And they helped me recovering it.

Amazingly a lot of things changed and I really had to push hard since March of last year, so all together I think I’ve been an active player for two years, hope this last a lot of extra time


How did they help you? Did you have the FB account connected or remember your game ID? I switched phones and was never able to recover my progress because I hadn’t done either :frowning:

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Damm. That’s nice. I wasn’t so lucky. Wish I had taken an accidental screenshot or something. Thought they could find it with the google play account but nope. Lvl 78 and some legendary hybrids + lvl 20 VIP cards down the drain


Wow that was pretty unlucky, but at least I think by starting again you can do a lof of things in a better way. I only had a couple of indonominus level 20 and I tought they were monsters :joy::joy: even it wasn’t that much I loved my boys.

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Lol that’s all I had as well + a Koolasaurus. Felt like a bad ass. I had won the Indominous on one of the Gyrosphere events. Had to use the secret quit the game bug to win it :eyes:

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The old mystical ways hahah :+1:t2::+1:t2: Actually for my first two indos I think they were fused from my dear old t-rexes

Also do anybody remembers when you could count the time in the prize wheel?? So you watched what you wanted and you counted I think it was like 6-7 seconds haha the old times and it actually kind of stoped when you pushed it, now the prize is already set before you spin it

Over 5 years as I have 5 Dodo Easter Statues.

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A bit over 3 years with solid play everyday for that time frame.

Also just crossed over 900 days of coming to the forum…



I think I’m on the forums too much, lol. Not quite 1 year on the forum and almost the same read time as @Sionsith :laughing:

As far as how long I’ve been playing. I downloaded it for my 6 year old (4 at the time) around September 2019 I think. I started playing it with him having no clue what I was doing. He just liked the dinos. Then around March 2020 or so I got more serious about playing and figuring stuff out. A little after that I found the light and it opened my eyes (the forum). My 6 year old still wants to see the dinos and the new ones we get, but he plays other games now.


On my current account, 1 and a half years (since December 2019) but I played on different accounts before that. In like 2015 I got the game but had no clue what I was doing so I uninstalled. In 2017 I found TheGamingBeaver jurassic world the game and redownloaded it. It was on another device tho that wasn’t on fb

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i originally joined the day brachio came out but then uninstalled. i re-joined a month or two ago

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I am an OG because I played it on the first week it came out and completed try game. Now I’m playing it again

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