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How long have you played for?

I accidentally clicked the “top” link instead of “latest” on this forum, and saw some of the most busiest forum threads for this game… some very interesting discussions - and some are only a matter of months old, but I hardly recognised any names from the threads (spotted @Froman in one of them)… it appears many players have left.

It made me wonder - for all the current forum regulars - how long have you been playing? And when did you decide to start participating in the forum?

I’ve been playing since the beginning of last November, came to the forums almost instantly as there used to be a link in game to come directly here. There’s a few people still playing from when the game was in beta/soft launch.

I do not recall how long I have been playing WoW. I received an invite from someone long ago and have been playing since sometime during beta. I arrived in the forums, during July 2019. At that time I encountered an issue with which help and support refused to assist. Instead they directed me here to the forums. Interestingly, at that time there was also a forum link within the app. This made the forums easily accessible to all players.

As you noted many of the early forum posters are no longer present. Unfortunately many early adopters left during Ludia’s early struggles (which remain unsolved) with PvP matchmaking and ToM. At this point I suspect there are maybe a couple hundred beta players active. Perhaps there are more but those I knew have left.

Additionally, the spirit of the forums turned dramatically negative since the introduction of ToM. I doubt they wanted newbies to be readily introduced to the rampant complaints. issues and concerns shared in the forums. This could explain why the link was removed from the app.