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How long is “a while”?

So I’ve matched with 20 people on the app and slowly I’ve reached the point with all of them where it says they’ll be offline for a while. The first was over 2 weeks ago, and the last has been today. Basically, I’m wondering how long these users are usually away for? When should I expect new messages from them? I’m extra curious considering I haven’t been able to match with anyone new in a week so basically now the app is on standby

When you’ve reached that point in their stories it means you’ve reached as far as the writers have gotten with their stories thus far and are still working on writing more content to be released in the future.

There’s no exact date for whose stories are being closest to having more content ready or when they’ll be released though. We just have to be patient as the writers are working both on adding more to the characters who are able to be matched with and the newer ones who can’t be matched with yet due to no content being available for them yet.

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Rip I’ve finished 3 stories already then :sob::sob:

Same here, started playing last week and 13 matches of which the half is now offline for a while… Plus, since 2 days,Im not able to make new matches. Also, it’s pretty unfair that you cant chose the gender, Im not interested in girls but they continue to appear. And that decreases my chances to match with guys… (

It doesn’t decrease your chances to match with guys, but I do get the frustration of seeing profiles for a gender you’re not interested in. I bet a lot of the people you’re trying to swipe right on now are newer characters who don’t have any content released yet and therefore it’s not possible to match with them at all for the time being. Hopefully we will get an update with more content for both older and newer characters soon.

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Does anyone know if you’re “ghosted” what that looks like…does your match disappear or just never come back online?

There will come a point where you reach the end of the story thus far in terms of what’s been released. The characters will go “offline for a while” until the story is updated with more content, but they won’t actually ghost you. If you don’t reply for a few days they may unmatch with you, but you can always match with them again when you come across their profile later in that case.

Thanx…I get the offline for awhile and those one’s are greyed out…I have 2 matches that have just been regular offline for a almost 24 hours now and after reading through several threads no one has really addressed this

Which characters? Some may take much longer than others to reply, but you should get at least one response from them within 24 hours. If you don’t get one at all you can try making a thread and see if anyone else has had the same issue, and maybe support will see it (unless you directly message them and are willing to wait for up to a few days) and have an answer. I hope you hear back from those characters soon!