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How long is Ludia taking to respond?

Hi all, has anyone contacted Ludia recently? I was wondering how long it was taking them to respond, as I submitted something on Sunday morning and still had no response.


No worries. I think u have time for your journey to the Moon and back. Not sure if they will be faster with their answer tho. :grimacing:

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Hello Moeen_Khan. Once our support team gets the chance to read your message, they will get back to you as soon as possible so keep an eye out! Thank you for your patience.

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Considering they told people to message support over an issue literally everyone experienced because they were too inept to admit fault, I wouldn’t hold my breath on getting a response soon.


I was feeling optimistic, however after 4 days now and still no response, this is pretty poor. Having spent hundreds on the game, a response in 4 days I thought would not be unreasonable.

They usually take about 5 or less days, depends how the long the queue is.

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