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How long is the support to answer?

Well im not complaining but i think maybe there is problem.
I have send a message at the support yesterday and i don’t have an answer
How long do they need to answer you?

Honestly, at their own leisure it seems.

I have had them answer in an hour, 1 day, 1 week, and other issues they never responded to at all.

Its about as constant as the RNG in this game…you simply never know.


seriously,for an emergency…
I would really love to get a quick answer even a “we have a lot of request in the same time,your request will get a delay” than wait for a month for something important and forget the game

You have to factor in that they have to deal with a whole community. It is basically a take a number scenario

Its been 4 days i started to contact the support and i still have no answer!

Are they on holiday??is there another way to contact them???