How long maintance?

If anyone knows what to say.

like 2 to 3 hours

I think the last one was done within 3… there are bigger changes this time around so I don’t know if that would make a difference

Last update time in UK


When was the update started back then?

I think around the same time so a four hour maintenance till update drops

They said it was updating in the morning.

This is true my friend

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It’s east coast usa time

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But maintenance may not means update 1.5 right when the game comes back up. Hopefully it will, but it could come a day or 2 later.

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Yeah, we’re known to do that in the US. We say morning and assume the rest of the world knows what we mean :grin:


It’s the update after maintenance it was last time it should be this time just make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi or have enough data around 16:30 gmt because if last time is anything to go by it’ll be around 40mb

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That’s good advice to download on WiFi

Hi. And this is good?

The morning for one is the night for another you know :wink:

This is great. I’m gonna get that dilophoRex soon as it’s out

Not good or bad, it just is :cowboy_hat_face:

Will we get another maintaince before the tournament?

I’d be surprised if we do I don’t remember there being one last time . I think maintenance only happens when a update is due but I’ve been wrong before so who knows.

You think they just started programming those changes? Is that why it takes whole 3 hours?