How long should I keep Yoshi?

I still have a lot of ways to go to get quetzorion to replace with my procerathomimus, yet the question is should I replace him with anyone in between. I know that a lot of people like monomimus but I just naturally prefer Yoshi. With his recent health buff in this update, it gives me more of a reason to keep him. Does anyone else have any recommendations for replacements that people would use in his place?

what is your team and dinodex, yoshi isn’t that good anymore but is still useful

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as a dodgy distractor, possibly indo g2, poukaidei or phorusaura.
but it’s really up to you. i’d keep her around untill you decide what Thor counter you prefer.

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People say Yoshi isn’t that good but he can honestly be really swift and destroy from his ability to constantly nullify and distract. I was focusing more on replacing elikrogamma, either something now but definitely erlidominus in the future.

I would say your weakest component is erlikogamma, but i prefer erlikogamma in toruneys so don’t stop leveling it until you move onto spyx which is a while away. I accidentaly spent 5,000 erliko g2 on gamma, i am now 200 away from getting it to 20 but at least I can get gamma to 21. I would say keep leveling thyla, rixis until you get more legendaries but I still use thyla with a level 25 indy.

Replace erlikogamma with another distract user or sauropod or any resilient cuz resilient is the meta and you only have two resilient move on your entire move which is risilient strike and supeiority strike.

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I was planning on maxing thyla and maybe even rixis. I do want to get rid of monolometrodon as fast as I can though. I know people say he’s good and all but I don’t know, he’s not my cup of tea. I was thinking since the higher-level people have diorajasaur, to try to get the rajakylosaurus if I were to get a resiliant.

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Monolometrodon is the best I have on my team. If I start with mono, it’s almost guaranteed I take out 1 1/2 creatures before it goes down. Sometimes more. I have it boosted a bit. I noticed it wasn’t performing as well as I thought it would, so I boosted its speed and voila.

monolono is going to get nerfed


we don’t know that yet

It’s pretty much confirmed, no matter how long it is, all the time people spent hunting Yoshi was destroyed in one fell swoop. Same will happen with mono