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How long should it take to unrank to 1 trophy?


Never unranked myself, so I have no clue how long it take to unrank, but with the March event coming soon, it would literally make sense to unrank to 1 trophy, to then gain wins as fast as possible as soon as the event start. So for those who are used to unrank themselves, should we start now?

P.S.: Just joking, I cannot unrank myself… I’m like that. But it will be funny to see so many players unranking in the next few days.


takes about 6 to 8 hours to get to 2k and under from 5k+.

nowadays it might be a mistake to do this and get back to where you were with all the draco running ramped.

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I don’t think it’ll let you go below 60.

I went from 5100 to 800 in roughly 7 hours of constant battling - that’s mashing the basic at first, then swapping with no SIA creatures as I dropped too low to purposefully lose while attacking each round. About Nublar you start getting crazy weak bots for losing 2 in a row. I worked on other things as I played. Not letting it time out, but not always ready right away for the next tap.

And, yes, I used level appropriate dinos to climb back up. I was experimenting to farm Anky, not being a jerk.

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If you want to unrank yourself real fast do this …>>>>> send into battle your dinos using your * chicken wimpies * ( ie ) the least favorable dinos that you know are going to lose and lose real quick in a battle !. you will get bounced down the list in a big hurry that way just keep using your * chicken wimpies * battle after battle until you have yourself low enough on the list of players your comfortable with then start from there rebuilding it from scratch back to the level you want to attain :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Oh, I know. I was using lvl 6-10 dinos at first. Problem is, once you hit a certain point you’re stuck using SIA dinos like the birds or lvl 10… the bots the game gives you about 2000 trophies are so weak, you have to either swap constantly with higher level dinos (10) or allow for a win every 3rd-ish battle when you get a very weak bot. Even with level 6 birds, the SIA attacks let you win too often.

I dropped 4300 trophies in 7 hours. That’s about 10 trophies a minute. Pretty darn good, really.

But I wouldn’t recommend doing this for the alliance events, in terms of 1 point to start a battle, and 1 point for winning. Why? I can tell you the coin difference in the arenas from, say, Sibo to Aviary is substantial per win, plus the award difference in 15 min, 3 hour, and 8 hour incs.

Like I said, I did it to farm DNA. At the end of the day, I DID get more Anky, but the coin and DNA difference was enough for me to call it off after a week.

Given the MEH DNA awards for ONLY the top 50 alliances, its simply isn’t worth it for any individual to purposefully tank arenas for the Alliance Rush thingymabobs.


Might not be worth it just for the rewards but the coins for winning every match are pretty good


Not to mention they did talk about individual rewards. Add that to the increase chance at DNA. Plus the ability to store up those large hour incubators to keep them rolling while your camping at end of tourney…


When I drop down I will use my strongest team to climb back up.

I feel it’s courtesy to not confuse the new players wondering why they lost or why they can’t get the same effect out of the obscure Dino’s that were used against them


Slightly unrelated but are there any resources that could tell me which levels you get specific dinos at? I’m thinking of unranking too (never done it before, but I really need anky and irritator). I’ve found this article that lists it out but I’m worried it might be outdated. Can anyone confirm?


Just go in game tap the big circle current arena and browse available ones

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Lol should’ve known that. Thanks, much appreciated :laughing:


I dropped down to arena 3 over the weekend and just opened my 24 hour incubator to find sinoceratops, which is from arena 8. How does this work? I thought I could only get kentrosaurus, stymigloch, ouranosaurs, ankylosaurus or alanqa based on the incubator creatures listed. Do I need to spend a whole other ‘cycle’ in arena 3?


To combat the arena dropping for DNA LUDIA changed the available Dino’s in incubators to be any arena you’ve encountered

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The 24hr incs don’t seem to be arena specific. I was sorely disappointed with my 24hr inc from arena 2! :slight_smile:


Thankfully that’s not true. :slight_smile:

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Naw it actually is. They changed incubator available Dino’s to what arenas you’ve been in.

They did this after (observed) there was a large outcry against arena dropping. It appears to be a preventative move

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It took me about a week. I can’t give you hours spent, since I didn’t track that. If you want to get to arena 1 it takes some very serious strategy to get that low in trophies unless you have lots of low level creatures to work with. I have a couple 1s and several sixes, but when you have lots of creatures with swap ins and counter attacks it takes some real work not to win. :smiley:


I’m currently in Lockdown and headed back down to badlands, and I’m sorry, that’s not true. :slight_smile:


You will also find that the arena exclusive Dino’s DNA is dropped in a lower count and percentage when you drop down (as remarked upon by people who do do it)


Yes, you earn fewer coins and dna in the lower arena incubators.