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How long should we wait?

I just lost to a guy that I haven’t even fought with. i was playing quest and in the middle of the game I lost an arena match. Really. Just like that. It’s like playing the Rotten Easter Egg hunt where no one wants to find an egg but the eggs just jump right at your face.
I wanted to post a picture but I thought it wouldn’t be a good idea to just reveal the players’ names

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Same thing :sob:

Your defense team did fight with him/her. Don’t you know, we can be attacked any time!

This game includes a Clash of Clans like method of functioning. You can be picked and attacked at any time. Once you’re attacked, you can either win or lose depending. I’ve won some, but lost most. It’s extremely frustrating and I grind my teeth every time it happens, but there’s nothing you can really do :confused:

Unless you mean the bug. Where you’re playing in exploration, the “error code -2” (which means an unknown bug has appeared), and you’re thrown into a false arena match. No matter what, it freezes and crashes your game, and you lose the trophies from that. It’s a horrible bug and they need to fix it.

Of course I am aware that I can be attacked in arena. But interestingly, the game stops in the middle of a quest and ends up me losing an arena match. In the quest. Plus, it seems like some of you never had this bug before, when this happens, I’m the attacker, not the defender.

Ah. Well, when you put it this way, it’s just the most prominent bug around at this time. They’ve announced an upcoming fix, thankfully that should take care of it.