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How Long Until PVP Gets Multiplayer?

Just imagine being able to do a Friendly Battle, but then doing a Friendly Co-op where you can team up with your friends in two on two and four on four for Alliance versus Alliance. We need more options. I could even see a co-op option for Campaign for those who may not have the level requirements for certain Campaigns. Co-op Campaign should always be optional however. It just feels like Raids have opened up potential for more four player content and such. I still wish they’d add Dungeons.


Honestly that would be awesome

There needs to be like a petition functionality here so that it could gain some traction. It seems like the next natural progressive step forward.

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This would be an amazing feature and make the game so much better! But imagine all the timeouts and stuff.

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Yeah, that’s the only issue

I guess this will eventually arrive. Raids are baby steps towards this.