How long will it take to be a veteran in Jurassic World the Game?

Answer: 5 Years and 6 months.

Uh…. Why ask a question when you answer it right after?


When you unlock all of the creatures :wink::eyes:


Well idk. I’ve played since day one I just took a lengthy break and had to restart. I’d say I’m still a vet tho.

Haha, that isn’t possible anymore. :sob:


I’m not sure if your post was sarcastic or not. There is no fixed “how long does it take?”. Players go at their own pace. Some grind a lot hence making early progress while others go a bit slower. It is totally incorrect to say you need 5 years to be a veteran. Players like @Sionsith have been playing since 2017 or so if I remember correctly and they were veterans within 2020.


I started playing in 2021 and yes sarcasm indeed haha.


10 locked creatures :eyes:

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Yeha, weich is no impossible, because they are lock behingd amber

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I played upon the games initial release. And I think that there’s like 2 other guys Ik of here who have as well.


been playing since launch.

Yeah ur one of the guys I was referring to

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