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How long will you wait to re-boost?

Me? I’m hoping to wait quite some time before I begin to reuse my boosts. I want to fall a few arenas with my unboosted team in hopes that I get to face them off with a different assortment of boosted creatures - instead of all the usuals. I’m hoping that I level off around 4000-4500. That seems to be a good range for high boosted legendaries and lower uniques. It’ll be fun to square off against that stuff for a while.

What are your plans?


I’m thinking of doing the same. my level will get interesting. I got basically all uniques and some from the other rarities as well. I play 20-22. I’ll get to use a lot of different stuff before deciding what needs what to function how I want them to. The hard part is unlocking them all. 4 uniques down, so many to go.


I’ll probably wait at least a week to see what it’s like and think about what the smartest boosting would be.


I’ll try to wait until I can decide what is smartest to boost. Hoping for more viable dinos in arena.

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id imagine the top players will have to wait a long time. dint want the opponent to have the upperhand with the best config.

Grypolyth definitely will need some boosts.

I’ll wait to figure out the math and watch to see what the meta turns out to be so I can counter. I’m not sure what I have to use but I am hoping to drop Thor and Rat.

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I’ve just stated using thor within the past 2 days. kinda upset with myself that I didn’t use it sooner.

I’m probably just gonna boost my permanent members of my team and save the rest for future use.

I want to cherry pick the battle team and see who will benefit most from boosts and how to ration out the 30 each one gets. I made a mess when the boosts came out and got recalled. I tried them on quite a few dinos and ended up spreading them over 25 dinos. Not again. Got somewhere around 3700 total boosts and I’m using them wisely this time.

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Going to resist as long as I can - see what the consensus of opinion is on how best to apply them - already set a season high score so happy to drift. One thing you can be sure of - there will be a lot of opinions on here :smile:

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Going to instantly boost my team members, but will hold off on over boosting them. You know, just in case they get nerfed in 1.11

Thinking of making a specific level 20 or 21 team,
And go all in on the boost.
Maby epics only.

Or a very low team with max boosts :pray:t4:

Or a PERFECT swap-team, where all components interact and use the best of every dino.

Or the ultimate hate-deck for DC :joy:

Last time I actually broke my promise not to boost. This time I might not bother at all and like many of you drop down to a more comfortable level of play.

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I will remain unboosted and see where I land in Boost 2.0 meta.

It will be interesting to see how many jump right back on the Maxx Boosted wagon, I would think most will. I can’t imagine users will be happy when they start dropping tophies, fast, facing opponents they used to win easily over. They will boost the same crews they have now, trying to get the same effects.

I expect to rise several hundred trophies with the switch. In the short term perhaps 500 or so. When those crews of level 15 to 20 Epic and Legendary lose their 7/7/7 edge, they will be easy pickings. I do not think my strategy will change. I’ll still have to use their speed to my advantage. They will just lose the ability to survive or one-shot me.

Nobody should boost after the reset. Why are we gonna play the cash grab game?

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I’ve been reading a lot of what others plan to do but assumed I was going to be in the extreme minority of those who are going to go the “wait and see” approach.
I have ideas, but plan to see if what looks good on paper echos reality.
This isn’t something I’m going to rush and dont mind losing streaks short term while I plan out a strategy long term.

But Magna and Tryko yeah. LOL
EDIT: And Maxima.
It should be team ready when I get my boosts back.

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I feel like this might be our last chance to relocate boosts properly, I want make the very most of everything I get. I just wish I would have paid more attention to sanctuaries, I might’ve had Maxima, Spyx, Dilorach, and/or Diora by now.

I’m going to wait and see – Ludia’s seemingly random nerfing & buffing will play a role.

Will remain unboosted for 2 months at least. Wait until the next update for changes.