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How long will you wait to re-boost?

I am really starting to feel the itch to boost lol. I have been increasingly meeting boosted opponents (duh), but I just narrowly won a match because Earl crited against a Mairagia. I am still gonna wait because I’m working on a handful of Uniques, I might get soon-ish.

Wow that’s some dedication! I will hold out as long as I can (the goal being to remain “pure" untill I unlock a few of Uniques I’m close to Pterrorexus, Maxima, Diloracheirus, Tenontorex lol).

The urge to boost is high. But i’m going to try and tough it out. Realistically I’m looking at waiting until the cost of leveling a creature is greater than whatever a tier of boosts costs in this new system.

Well, I did it. Just one creature; an endgame tyrant that will be stuck at L25 for a while, so I figured why not?

I’m a huge smilonemys fan. 9/14/2 Roughly the stats of a L30, but a bit less HP and a bit more attack. Plus the speed…


Good on you for getting one and getting it to 25.
Design wise tho, i wish it didn’t have a beak. (sorry, didn’t get to see a full image till now.)

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I caved in and boosted my team a little bit ago. I wasn’t seeing unboosted teams anymore so it was time to let the dream go. It was great battling unboosted teams while we had this brief chance and much respect to every unboosted person i fought. I wish it had lasted longer. I’m sad to see it end.


Tried to stay unboosted, but lost 150 trophies almost instantly. Being too afraid to drop down to aviary again (took me nine months to escape from aviary), i boosted my team: Making the fast ones a little faster, and the tanks & chompers a little bit stronger.
And now i need patience. My team average is 26+ and there are some nice dinos at lvl 23-25 waiting for some dna to grow stronger.

Waiting for the bigger update.


I have only boosted 2 uniques so far and only by a few levels. I have no plans on boosting anything that is not a unique and some of them i don’t even want to boost (like thor). I have some good legendary and epic creatures on my team but I hate the though of boosting them. Not applying my boosts back and playing around with my team line up has cost me a few hundred trophies but has been way more fun than the rinse/wash/repeat cycle boosts 1.0 had us doing.

Me too.
Don’t care any longer for my rank.


I am still unboosted but dropping quite fast :frowning: had some wins but till now lost around 400 trophies.

My high score pre 2.0 to low score post 2.0 was just over 400 trophies.