How Ludia Could make Legit Money


It occurred to me today as a free to play player, that if there was a common fusion incubator… I would think hard about buying it. Grinding to get stegosaurus, paras, and veloc definitely is daunting. It would be very tempting to buy a low cost $1.99 ish priced common incubator that would give you a boost with guaranteed commons necessary for high level fusions.

What do you all think?


Ludia? $1.99? Bawahahahaha!!! Good one.


They’ll never do a $2 deal if every “one time offer” I see for leveling up is $50. They don’t care about nickels and dimes.


I haven’t seen a “one time offer” less than 50 bucks in about 5 levels. My hubby hasn’t either. I’m not sure what’s more infuriating: the fact we only ever get super expensive offers or the fact we fall for it and buy the damned overpriced incubator each time.


The more one time offers you buy, the prices keep going up. Once they reach a higher amount, it won’t come down usually.

Maybe if you don’t buy for many more level ups, it might reduce from $50 to $25 or something but not much.


Guys… Stop being negative. I’m just throwing an idea out. My thoughts were for a small common incubator that is more accessible to casual players. All I was wondering is if people who are free to play would be tempted to buy such an incubator and what price would tempt you.


They aren’t that bad usually 250,000 coins and 7700 bucks! At least at level 18 and 19


I think Ludia is totally leaving money on the doorstep because they don’t offer cheaper ones. Realistically, a good chunk of the population can’t afford 50+ bucks each time they level. I’m actually intentionally not leveling because I’m waiting for payday so I can buy the expensive incubator when it’s offered.

That being said they do offer the rare incubators which aren’t all that expensive. But also offering a smaller common one for a couple bucks could be a nice money maker for them and tempting to those on a limited income.


Can’t buy Porsche & Lambo with dimes…
But thank you crstevens54, haven’t had a good laugh today


You can if you collect enough of them. Ludia would make more in the long run and we’d boost our slow grinding or commons towards our legendary dinos