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How many active players are there?

How do you think, or may be Ludia could provide this information, how many active players are there? Cause when I say that I’m in top-500, everybody asks me of how many users :smile:

:rofl::rofl::rofl: I think you can do a simple calculation like 1/2 of the downloadings (cause maybe somebody unistalled), avarage 1/2 of the registered people here (don’t know if you can see it somewhere) or the follower of instagram / facebook / other socials…

Why 1/2, not 1/3 or 1/10? Why do you think that every second who installed this game continues playing?

Not really, I see on my experience with my friends, 50% of them are still playing, so that’s why I wrote this percentage :slight_smile:

Players must be dropping. I Somehow just accelerated to 420 and never been in top 500 before.

That has more to do with matchmaking rewarding lower level high boosted teams than it being less crowded


I’ve seen a few alliance members quit the game because of 1.7 sadly. I’m super active daily hours on end. As much as possible since first release of game in beta. I’ve always been in top 500 since last summer but 1.7 dropped I went from top 100-200 now borderline 5200 achievements but now around 262 in top 500… jumping up and down. Erlikospyx just added to my team seems to be a champ!

FYI My alliance is seeking a level 20 daily active player in the Top 500 - if anyone’s looking for a spot :wink:

Resets coming… dunno if people still drop dunno why…
Players come and go …I’m hoping soon something good will come with increase in player base. Everything seemed perfect before 1.7 lol -Adjustments needed…

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Definitely people have quit since 1.7, can’t really blame them if PvP was their main focus, I just like collecting and leveling the dinos, I’m jealous of your erlikospyx for sure

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I’m hoping they come back cause the 3 we lost were here from the start. 1.7 was so frustrating so totally understand a break. I’ll never take 1 unless emergency lol because I’m just that hardcore of a fan and player haha!

1.8 perhaps 1.9 when it comes will be a game changer with some alliance leader tools and arena fixes. Eventually you can only boost so far but that being said the ones paying a lot will be buying every sale and that far ahead of the game.

I miss the skill of the game but still getting some in mini tourneys :+1:


1.7 ruined the pvp experience as well as the iPhone 6 experience altogether. I’ve been playing religiously since the first month with my girlfriend and as an iPhone 6 user it’s a miracle I still play for hours when my phone crashes every few minutes performing various actions.

I don’t use Boost but I feel I would be top 500 if I did. I have 4-5 players who go in and out of it and they weren’t before 1.7. Some of them I have higher level dinos of the same teams they have.

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My 2nd account is just hitting the boosted teams level and I go from fighting good ole matches that are fun and close to a boosted team to be trounced 1-3. This boost thing just did not help this game at all, especially the speed ones. I’m playing a lot less PvP now on my primary account but still doing more on my 2nd account where I have lots of creatures in the same level range.

On my 2nd account, I don’t play the same stuff day in and day out. I may play the same team for a few days or a week but I get tired of using the same creatures and switch in and out different one. Winning doesn’t matter because I get a bot after 2 losses and can at least get incubators. I really don’t even want to climb up into a higher arena where I won’t get these bots.

Today on my primary account, I had a long loosing streak. I just wanted to get a daily and a couple incubators. I got lucky to get a bot and the longer I was playing the more I would chant, “bot… bot… bot…” with the second count down. I finally beat someone to get another incubator. That was so frustrating. This is just becoming less and less fun in the higher arenas. I play the same dinos against the same dinos.


223,600 active players.
An active player is someone who plays 30+ minutes

Top 500 player is in the 00.2% of players

Numbers based on Samsung Galaxy game launcher data. 55.9k players on Samsung, which controls 25% of the market (the largest share) 55.9k X 4 = 223,600

PoGo = 8.8M
HPWU = 51K (first week, not complete)

But it’s difficult to calculate the playerbase with Samsung Game Launcher.
A lot of People have deactivated GameLauncher, they are not counting :slight_smile:

Sanctuaries are going to be very telling for seeing how much people play this game. I fully expect my town to be full of empty sanctuaries.

I wonder what the figures were when they were at their highest ?
PoGo is so much higher it’s incredible !
If the 225,000 figure is anywhere near right , it’s a real shame as the game could be so much better if it wasn’t for money grabbing schemes being so rampant .
Our alliance lost so many players with 1.7 and the boosts , and matchmaking was certainly ruined when they came into effect . As a knock on , daily defence and incubator collecting became less enjoyable too .
Me , my wife and kids all play PoGo too , and haven’t spent a penny on it in the last year or so , yet it still gives us hours of enjoyment . The matchmaking in PoGo is rubbish though . This game beats it hands down graphically and potentially with the matchmaking , but as I said , boosts ruined that .

But for what do you need active players around you?

To get the full benefit of sanctuaries, you want lots of players filling them up so you can interact with as many dinos as possible.

But for that you only need an alliance.
The Alliance Members can travel to your Sanctuary.

True, but it’s still limited.

In PoGo, every gym in my town (almost 300 gyms) is mostly full and constantly turning over. It’s a great community and a lot of fun. This game is basically playing with people you’ve never met. Sure it’s fun, but it’s nothing like the PoGo experience when it comes to real world interaction and socialization.

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I never get an PoGo experience, and I never missed something :slight_smile:

We will see how good Sanctuaries will work