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How many active players are there?

Absolutely right StoneCutter .
We enjoy all the community events that PoGo do every month and meet hundreds of people while doing them . We have never met anyone playing this game in our local towns and cities !

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I liked the social interaction to an extent, but I hated the reliance on other people and incompetence/misinformation that they could potentially bring to the table.
With JWA I can play at my own time at my own pace.
Pogo? Everyone either works, goes to school, or has something going on.
There is only one other retiree that plays in the area and he hates me.
“Make sure you shake the phone when the ball wiggles to increase the catch chances!”
“W1CKETY! What are you doing!? I specifically TOLD you not to press okay yet!”
“Well the game picked Blissey… so it must be the best choice.”
“Back out! Everyone back out!”
I did meet some cool people, but as for the total gaming experience? Pass.


Do you have a source for this info?
You have to activate it first, it’s not by default active. Also, highly unlikely this is the app that tracks usage, just the one that reports it.
Whether you have it active or not, I would think it’s still able to track apps.
You believe there are far more playing?

Not to be rude, but I post something and you state it is false without providing details. I find that offensive to me.