How many alliances get high level sanctuaries -without- using Discord?

Just something I’m curious about as I consider joining a new alliance.

For a while I was even the leader of my current alliance but that got tiresome quick as sweep time always came with people telling me not to remove their alt account who hasn’t logged in the past 2 weeks.

I might consider joining a new alliance if we can get some decent sanctuary levels.

I’ve got a level 30 Tyrannosaur Rex to contribute to the sanctuary goals except I’d like to use her when it comes time for advantage tournaments.


Hey there @Fedora long time no see! Thanks your help back in the good old days of Sanctuary 1.0 lol.

Discord just happens to be a common venue used to communicate. Communication is HUGE and you must adapt to the best you can. For instance, ARK1 teams use not only Discord, but telegram, facebook, whatsapp, etc. NOT ALL at once of course lol. Each team/leader has their own preference. However, the one platform where the leads would come together easiest has been discord for our folks. Few leads from each team does it pretty much. No need for everyone to be on discord!

As a nice welcome and thank you for your help in the past, here is what it takes now to reach said level 20 sanctuary with the new SP changes (63 = Trex at 20, AVG SP = of all dinos in sanc)
Sanctuary Revamp Team Needs
Having a coop with two teams cuts down the time to build in half if all folks are active and applying their FITs. When you have a CoOp of many teams like ARK1, ARK2, or even ARK3, you’re looking at lesser days to build it. Numbers in teammates trumps the necessity to have level 30 dinos! Don’t waste FITs on building more than 1 sanc if you don’t have the numbers. The sooner you reach level 20, sooner you can enjoy 114 EPIC DNA per day. Dragging it out and doing too much means more days at lower sanctuary levels and you’re just getting less DNA in return.

ARK1 looks to break the boundaries with the time it takes to build a 20 just to show it’s possible but the teams of ARKs is looking to help anyone build the best CoOps so more can have access to a level 20 in no time. It’s not about looking for the best sometimes. We are building the best CoOp teams there is with folks that want to join in on the fun, new or veterans! Maybe we will see you and your team sometime soon!

Happy Hunting!


Good to hear from you again.
I have to say I’m surprised you are the only public response (got a couple PMs).

I’m shocked there was less interest in this topic. I have to wonder if many people still don’t bother much with sanctuaries.

One of my recent points to make me reconsider where I am was to have my dino come back from our highest level sanctuary (level 7, yeah, but it’s all we’ve got) and to see that the last 3 spaces were filled with Einiosaurus, Stegosaurus, and Parasaurolophus of which the highest level was 7.

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We use Discord to coordinate… but don’t really require it, since we are not (Life Found a Way) into the whole business of micromanaging people, jumping alliances and what not…

We just do thematic ones, so we usually get each two weeks several sanc to lv7-8 (the titanoboa one got to lv14 during those two weeks).
Keep it simple, keep it easy, give a chance to a good number of players to be in a good alliance without needing to go into hardcore mode.
Keeping the community alive without being greedy,


Maybe? Sanctuaries is the only way you can get certain dinos (eg. Allo2, Nasuto) while other dinos are just perks of the game. To everyone and each alliance leader, to each his/her own. Many folks do not want to communicate (even for alliance missions) then why bother join an alliance, a team, of like minded folks that want to work on common goals. You certainly can do all of this without an alliance so those are the typical freeloaders just wanting an easy way to play the game for themselves and picking up the hard work of the team weekly.

Level 7 is easily reached and passed within minutes now with CoOps. Once again, some folks are seeking only hardcore team players and alliances. Both ends of the spectrum can work together and that’s what CoOp should be. Encouraging more players that are casual to become hardcore or vice versa. What if you need to slow it down and not work for 10/10 weekly but you appreciate the 20 sanctuaries. You can’t argue with the value of getting more DNA of the dinos you can’t hunt for. Now if strategy and communication isn’t your concern then clearly there is no need for organization of such. Themed sancs and letting the random dinos fill up your hard work sanctuary must be the norm as a result. Themed sanc encourages lower team activity with the one shotters of sanc items. Yes, there are folks that join teams with 20 sancs then leave after using their sanc items lol. Also it doesn’t help create a higher return of DNA. Having 20 themed sancs vs a few sancs with only 2 of each dinos results in less DNA return on all dinos across the board. Having 2 copies of a dino in a sanc = 6hrs to use your daily 6 sets of FITs. If you go with 3 copies, 3hrs. Any more, why? lol = one shot open game to use it all and be done. Chances are the folks with this mentality do not grind much DNA and don’t care for much either (not active enough for 10/10 teams or a casual player).

Like @Viatovic said, keep it simple, easy. Some CoOps only require you to place a single dino every 2 days/48hrs…but isn’t that what you already do with your own sancs? probably less right? What more communication can there be? Well that is where you will need to venture and find out what styles of strategy there are and how different CoOps are run. At the end of the day, are you a strategist or casual player and what you are seeking? There is no alliance out there that is either 10/10 team or has a level 20 sanctuary without some coordination and planning along with communication!



Holy crap rude

You don’t need your whole alliance to be on Discord, just a few people who coordinate things with other alliances when coop comes into play.
As long as people who don’t use Discord realize they shouldn’t just put their dinos in the shared sanctuary, things can be coordinated just fine.
In our case I think the majority of coordination is done by maybe 3 people from our alliance and the rest is just informed in chat.


Keeping on topic and avoiding personal attacks …

Our Alliance uses Discord for co-ordinating all activities but for the most part it is pretty quiet. As far as the Sanctuary co-op goes I re-place 2 creatures about two hours apart every 48 hours - hardly a big commitment for pretty much constant access to 2 L20 sanctuaries. My alt account also leaves the alliance for about 30 minutes while the initial set-up is going on. I have two alliance team-mates keeping an eye on things if I am not available.

Everyone has freedom of choice - if you want a hardcore co-op then you have to do your bit and roll with how they want to operate; if you don’t want to work that way then find a co-op that works for you. Simple.


I can’t for the life of me see why people feel the need to make personal attacks on here :roll_eyes:

But back on topic, as Tielenaar said, it’s perfectly possible to hit level 20 sanctuaries as long as the main coordinators are in touch.

We are enjoying our first level 20 sanctuary and only less than half of our alliance are on discord.

DinoL3o has been 100% helpful, and it’s an absolute pleasure to have got to know him.

We are very much looking forward to future projects with DinoL3o and the ARK


I kind of wanted to see what a high level sanctuary look like. I was even thinking about leaving my awesome alliance and join another one. But instead, I started asking questions around and DinoL3o happily spent tons of his time answering them all. Here’s what did happen in only 3 days, since it may answer some questions.

Communication: We tried to use Discord in our team many months ago, but it would not work. Luckily everybody is pretty much regular on our Messenger group though. So, as long as you have a communication channel, you’re ok. Still trying to whip them so they check it daily, but that’s my job!
Team Leader: I’m not even the manager of my alliance! But because I was curious about Coop, asked tons of questions that DinoL3o answered rapidly, and was willing to use Discord, I became the team leader for the Coop for my team. Coop Team Leaders only need use Discord, then I get info back to my team using Messenger.
Learning curve: 3 days only, but we are learning at high speed, once again, thanks to DinoL3o. Started practicing by using an existing lvl 6 sanctuary, and joining it with a second alliance. Then yesterday, added a 3rd alliance. That sanctuary had only 6 day left, yet, it went from 6 to 8 in 24hours (and lvl 7 is normally painfully long, if feasible, in our team alone). It won’t make it high with so few days left, but it’s showing what coop can do for sure.
Jumping alliances: I’m jumping, and see no problem with that. It’s kind of fun actually
Support: My team is supporting me well, even if I kind of threw my alliance in the coop without really asking around first. Things went fast and ARK3 needed to start.

So from there, we will see where it’s going. Next step for ARK3 will be to start a fresh sanctuary (in 5 days from now) to see what we can do with it, in 14 days. Sure it’s a bit of work for the Coop Team Leader, mostly communicating stuff with your alliance and trying to keep control of the shared sanctuary, but I suspect it will become easier with time, as they will enjoy a higher level sanctuary.

EDIT: OK, this is worth a quick edit from me: 4 Days and 12 hours left and our sanctuary is now level 10 (13/13). Seriously much better than I had expected so far. I should say 10.5 because we are already halfway to the next level!


Probably not many, as communication - at least among the leaders - of sanctuary partner alliances is essential. Discord is excellent for that (I don’t like or use FB or other apps).

I co-organize a semi-casual co-op of 8 partner alliances after getting support and advice from the amazing BOB network (check out their thread here). We currently have one level 20 sanctuary and a second one we’re building.

I can highly recommending joining a co-op so you and your members can benefit from the DNA you can collect from a level 20 sanctuary. Let’s face it, we get very few FIP items and need to make the most of them.

Wishing you the best!