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How many battles do you do a day?


Curious what end of the spectrum Im on lol

Theres still a few hours to do more…

And I DO have an inc I need to earn!


Zero, I only did one battle and that was at the beginning of the tournament. I’m not really much of a competitive player.


Probably around 30, depends on how many white incubators I get or how bored I am. I would say 40 is on my high end.

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Dozens if I have the time… I don’t care about losing my trophies, I do battle 'cause they are fun. Though of course, some losing streaks make me rage sometimes, especially when it’s because of RNG going against me…


Today I’ve done about 29 battles most I’ve done is about 35 depends on if I’m doing much or if I’m bored or not.

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Damn I will for sure never catch you lol

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I only do enough battles to keep my incubator slots full. I prefer friendly battles.

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I play about 1-5 matches on a good day :rofl: When it takes too long to find an opponent I just stop and wait a few hours then maybe play a few matches lol. Sometimes I’d play a match every other day depending on my mood. Been mostly just out hunting.

I’ve only played one friendly match till this day, and that was when it was first launched :rofl:

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I’ve done my 20-something battles for the daily mission and kept going for almost an hour :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nah I ping pong a lot :joy: you will!


lol, I’ve been wavering between top 100 to top 500

Most importantly though… my nana says I’m #1 and that’s really all that matters :1st_place_medal:


no, she says you’re special.:joy::wink:

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id say about 15 a day.

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Far less, now that the tourney is on. Mostly just to get incubators, and the 10 enemy incubator.

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Edited for me.


@wrothgar i knew that was you lol. got my booty whooped

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@wrothgar beat me earlier too!
Haha he’s been busy today :sweat_smile::chart_with_upwards_trend:

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Usually around 50 unless i go to bed early

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I watched your hour-ish video the other day. I dunno how you do that… my brain hurts after 3 or 4 battles lol.


You made me check my battle log lol (pretty bad to keep one, right?) Last Saturday, I battled 53 times… I guess I’m far gone :laughing:

At least you have something to show for it… I currently have only 4,800 trophies and seem to be stuck there :roll_eyes:

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