How many boosts have you saved up?

With the feeling that an update was coming I started saving boosts a while ago. After tomorrow’s daily incubator I’ll have 113 attack, 179 health, and 70 speed, then there’s the tower and sale on Wednesday, too.

Anyone else hoarding these things to see if any of the new dinos are worthy?

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I been stacking dna and boosts and not leveling or boosting any of my dinos for a bit now. Eversince I found out that good teams make you face lvl 30 dinos.


I’ve only been saving/buying the speed boosts since they’re the most important.

Every boost I’ve ever earned for free because I’ve never applied one.


I’ve mostly spent boosts until now (all won through battles, none bought). I think my Kapro now has enough of them, hoping to make Erlidom next and boost her for pest control. Then if Carnotarkus proves to be a useful addition, he will be next. I have 2 attack, 2 health, and 43 speed boosts left.

The only time i save up is when I’m going for tier 7. Which will be tonight for Tryko’s health. The wait was worth it.

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None saved I hope they give a boost reset for 1.8

I did some emergency spending on L25 Mono to get it to 4/4/2 to get it somewhat viable for 1.8 to immediately replace L28 5/5/4 Indo.
After careful thought I figured if they dont fix match making it will be the better option and if they DO fix match making… probably still a better option. :slight_smile:

Lol holy…xD no boosts used?

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Woodchuck dont spend! LOL
But if he ever decides to I dont want to fight him.

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Nope. I do not want to get into, and cannot afford to get into boost wars. Since I do not care about Trophies and only want to run incubators, I take what I can get.


Very nice!


Lol that’s crazy. What type of matches do you get and what’s your trophy range now like this?


I don’t agree speed is the most important. A good health is very powerful.

389 health, 444 attack and 293 speed

It started as an experiment. I wanted to see where a solid 4200 team in 1.6 (that had made it to 4500 a few times) would end up in the boost meta. Standard crew of average level 22.5 Unique with Legendary about the same strength. And, I also did not want to start boosting until I saw what was going to happen to the meta. Boosts are permanent and making an incorrect investment could be deadly. That reset everyone got was a one time thing.

I run from 3100 to 3500. I get up to 3500 and as soon as I cross that threshold, I am paired with boosted teams 3 to 4 levels higher. I get pummeled down to 3100 – 3200 losing two, get AI, lose two, get AI…

When I hit bottom, I am that much larger than my boosted opponents and basically win by default. I am the bully. I get matches that allow me to pretty much win my way back up to the 3500 threshold. Once I cross that… Back down. It has been a consistent cycle, not a lot of variance.

I am at about 3150 and the win cycle has started.

Lots of boosted Rats, Allosino and Utahsino. 16 to 20. Other boosted Legendary, 16 to 21, some boosted Epic and boosted Suchotators. Very few Unique until I cross 3500, then boosted teams of them. I will get paired with them down to about 3300 before they drop off. Most users have heavily invested in just a few dino. I run into 140 speed opponents.

I tell ya though… that fall is extremely frustrating. I actually plan on losing two then getting AI, and I am not disappointed. On the way up I can plan on one battle per incubator. I do not believe it has anything to do with my skill or luck. I do not play the RNG game. There is a very abrupt MM change when I cross 3500. The lower end is less obvious but once I start getting matched with those lower players, I will win every one.


@bsusko @Moksha how do you get your stat boost displayed at the top by collection? Mine isn’t like that. So I took pics once I went into my Stegodeus.

@Wwwoodchuck my battles are about the same. It’s very frustrating going on losing streaks and especially the fights you know you’re going to lose. But there’s nothing like beating a Boosted team with a non Boosted team. It’s a good feeling lol. I don’t care for trophy count either and just want to win my incubators so it’s whatever. I was in the aviary until Boost came out. My highest trophy count at the time was 4895 now I struggle 3500-3900 or so. I’m between ruins and Lockwood. @Sixty-Four


Just sort by attack, speed or health, and the boosts will appear at the top.

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speed can take so much health though…to me speed>damage>health