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How many boosts would you say you've lost to refunding?

About 4,000. I had over 7k, I refunded all of them and reinvested. I then refunded on rinex again and invested one in spyx. I refunded that one too.

How many have you lost to refunding?

I haven’t boosted anything after the reset, so none for me.


I would say a modest 50


Same, on Megalosuchus for 1 Speed

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None so far. Maybe 50 if I decide to take speed off tryko.


Im not entirely convinced refunding is a wise choice. Not with the way Ludia is constantly changing and reworking things.

Take the original evasion rework… how many of us had boosted indos on the bench. And when they changed indo yet again we were able to plug indo back onto our team completly boosted. Now if you look at that same scenario under boost 2.0 and refunded is almost as much of a gamble as boosting in the first place.

Imagine in 1.12 a rework is done to make stunners relevant again… and dilorai and rinex are both brought up to tyrant tiers again.

Or in todays survey the option for dracos attack to matter again is the one that wins out. All those people that refunded draco attack could have just left them their. And I imagine alot are gonna be picking that option to get some return on their investment.

This is the kind of balancing I saw when Ludia announced boosts 2.0 making people constantly reallocate boosts is a great way to keep people always needing more boosts.

Just like boosting… todays refund could be tommorrows regret.


I won’t refund any boosts, ever. If I boost something and it doesn’t work out, keep it that way. Maybe in the future that creature will deserve the boosts it got and I wouldn’t want to reboost it knowing that I already lost half a tier so many months prior. Live with the decisions you make.


I think I overestimated how many I lost. Still, was a lot.

Plus boosting rinex after the first refund back to what it was, then reboosting it again (and refunding it again.)

That’s depressing now that I look at it. I spent a lot of hc speeding up incs too. So I went from what, 86 tiers to 61?

That’s at least 25 lost tiers at 100 a tier. 2500…not 4k.

Still so much…

None, i boosted some stuff but no regrets on my choices. I don’t know If i would refund them anyway.

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Zero. I am never refunding anything. They will have to do a reset sometime.

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I’m with those who won’t refund due to a creature being benched; it will become relevant again one day. I possibly would consider it if I needed to redistribute boosts on a particular creature but given I have not bought any boosts since the reset nothing is anywhere near its overall boost limit.

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I wouldn’t and haven’t refunded any boosts.

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