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How many coins do you collect per week?


At this point of my progression, it feels like I have to save up for a week for a single power-up. So how many coins do you guys usually collect per week? Answers for both VIP and non-VIP are appreciated.


I mean one week I leveled Tarbo from 15 to 20 which is over 100 000 coins . I am non VIP and did not purchase anything. Just spun a lot of drops and did every strike event

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I do feel like I don’t spin enough drops. Certainly not enough in range drops with the intended reward, instead mostly out of range ones that reward 1/4


I mean I did that when O went out for the the. So it was easier supply drop wise


At home there are 2 supply drops that give me max and 7 the are partial


Level 20, non-VIP, about 240,000 coins per week.

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Level 20, VIP , 260.000 per week but playing a lot of houres…That means that all the coins earned in a hard week are not enough to evolve a single creature from 29 to 30 …

Anyway, in recent times this has improved a lot. In the past, I was not able to collect more than 70,000 coins a week.

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I’ve never kept track. It varies anyway based on how much time I have to play.


Max out supply drops every day.
Always have an incubator going.
Do every strike/scent event. (sometimes lose the lvl 30 ones.)
The ride never ends, folks.


Less than I did before the event changes were made. And today was even worse. No green supply drops and the treasure chase only gives DNA and no coins due to the Easter event.

Actually, switching the green supply drops out for the treasure chase was a way to cut down the dinocash rewards since the treasure chases don’t give the dinocash.

But I’ll continue to trudge along.