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How many darts do you have?

I just realized the dart sale cost coins and not HC. Facepalm!


63k. i haven’t bought them all. a lot of the time i forget.


Lolz I got about 1/3 of that amount. 24k-ish

90-ish k, I’ve been busy with other things

Just gotta say about your darts. Nice.

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Spirit Tracks plus BotW plus WWHD keeps you really busy

Might go for 100k

  1. Bought all every day. Now you can calculate how many darts I fired since they started selling these :wink:

Almost 90k now

Ummm… Almost 100k… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


About 63K. I’ve bought them each day.

136k I think or maybe more than 100k

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