How many dinos could you level up...if coins weren't an issue


I’m currently at 53, my highest number yet! Pity getting the necessary coinage is a MASSIVE faff.


There are a few i could stand to level up, They’re my strike squad and take priority. Then there’s the dinos in my ‘B’ squad that come in second. All others get frozen at lvl 10 to be used for hybrid “banking”.


I’m at 10, but also have 2 or 3 hybrids that don’t give a notification for leveling up. It takes 10k to evolve a lv 15 velociraptor which is crazy, I only have like 6k coins


6 on my team ready to level up, plus 22 I won’t level up now before evolving my team, TOTAL 28 :scream:

I am just evolving the new collected until level 5, 90 coins total each dino (50 + 25 + 10 + 5) then I stop until my next 24h incubator :sweat_smile:


My highest is 40. Currently sitting on 36.


Im at 78 ready to level. Don’t know how to post screenshots or I would lol


And I was disheartened by my new peak of 63! 78 is mind boggling.


I have 20 not as much as the OP but I also have
13,000 majungasaurus dna and allot of other dinosaurs with tons of dna that I won’t level up because I simply don’t use them! I would love to level them all up if I could!


What kind of device do you have? For screenshot if it’s ios you hit the home button and lock button st the same time! I stress at the same time :joy:


Was at 70 but down to 65 now.


44 and counting… 2 of them are actually members of my main team. And I’m broke again. Sigh.


Currently 50, I have 300,000 coins to spend, but I’d rather save it for now


I’d kill for that Majunga DNA, I can’t go for DNA hunts at night due to how my situation is. I am in dire need of night spawns.

Then again, several previous commons (any time) have dropped off the face of the Earth with the update so I’d love a LOT of various DNA but it sucks not having access to stuff everybody else is drowning in.


Funny thing is I don’t hunt her because I didn’t use her! I get her in incubators!

It’s uncanny that whether I open free ones or paid ones I consistently get dna for dinosaurs I have mass amounts of!

I think it is set up this way!

The game knows what you need and gives you what you don’t need or what you have lots of so the algorithm determines I don’t use majung so it keeps giving me more

I could solve this if I level up all these dinosaurs but would empty my coins

So one way or another they get you!


Now not only do I get massive amounts of dna for dinosaurs in incubators that I already have tons all the spawns I see are for the same dinosaurs

Today I needed to drive 25 miles away from my home area and by coincidence all the dinosaurs along the way and 25 miles away were the same spawn that is my home area! Ones I have lots of DNA for!


New peak! O.O


I have 52 ready to level up but I only use my coins for my team, saving the rest for future use :grin:


Coins will come with time. Just have an idea what you want to level up and leave the rest. But keep collecting dna for everything. If its not useful now it may be later.


Atm 76. Was at 79 before.


50 just now but a good few of them have enough DNA for multiple level ups :money_mouth_face: