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How many dinos do you think you will replace in your actual team

OK, the boost reset is around the corner. I thought I would swap only one dino out of my team, but the more I look at it, the more this number is growing up :slight_smile: So I’m curious, how many dinos do you think you will swap out of your team.

  • Only 1 dino so far
  • Two dinos
  • Three dinos
  • Four dinos
  • Five dinos
  • Six dinos
  • Seven dinos
  • My whole actual team is bad so all 8 dinos

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2-3 for me. but im honestly not sure. could be more.
i’m gonna go unboosted again after this shuffle then boost around what the meta shifted to after about a month maybe.


Planning to boost 1 to 3 dinos so I can still do the raids easily, but sure enough, waiting at least a month before boosting the rest. And sure enough, going wild during the week were we can try new dinos.

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I’m gonna replace 2. I will remove all of my boosts on monolometrodon and put them on wrhino for no reason.

I’m kidding lol not all of them haha, I will put some on wrhino though.

I’m not replacing any of the dinos on my team. About half are unboosted, and I don’t plan on removing any boosts from my main team or raid creatures.

I’m removing boosts off of everything. Boosting for the advantage tourney and then removing everything again and waiting.


I’m not 100% sure. I think I want to keep magnus, mammolania, and maxima/tenrex/dio (as those last three are all good PvP and raid dinos). I’m replacing tryko and orion with mortem and lux. I’m not sure about the eighth, which right now is magna. I may try out a few different things, like grypolyth or spyx or trebax.

Proly gonna leave what I have, I boosted 4 creatures for raids and a 120 speed Rhino, don’t plan on changing that

I’m keeping everything as is. I don’t have anything that I want to boost, for I only level up what I want in my team.

With Refrenantem coming into the limelight, its presence might spell the eventual replacement of Magna. But it will only be the case if this Apex is immune to Decel. If it isn’t fully immune, then Magna stays.

But even then, since Magna can break through armor and Shields, Magna just might keep the upper hand. So, that’s me torn before anything even happens.

All 8 'cause I’m doing an experiment team (short term):


None. I generally like my team where it’s at right now.

My Tuora’s one of the best Apex raid dinosaurs around, and is decent enough in PvP.

Dio, Tryko, and Mammolania are all still pretty good in the PvP, and my Cera is getting close to the complete monster she will eventually be.

Thor and Erlidominus are still pulling their weight in PvP, and Thor is excelling at the Apex raids right now.

Grypolyth is the only one that has some ways to go, but she’s still putting in the work with what she has so far, so I’m keeping her.

Eventually, I’ll probably replace Thor and Tuora with Mortem and Hadros, but that’s a long way off.

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2 for me thankyou

There’s no zero option.

I’m going to redo my entire team.
I’ve been doing a ‘no hybrids’ side project team.
Once the reset kicks in, I’ll make them my regular team.

I’ve given up on ‘chasing the meta’ for PVP, so don’t mind if I fall down the arenas.

This is my last roll of the dice to see if I can make the game enjoyable again.
I’ve been pretty close to deleting the game for a while now, so fingers crossed!


probably ill have to re think of my current team in long term use as i expect this flock system to get “running” around july-august when the new apex gets unlocked by people and my guess is that this one is a “must have” for the flock system

YIKES Huge mistake from my part! And technically, I could have been one who went with zero! OUCH…

I think that I, like many others, will tweak a bit and remove the boosts from unused dinos but as far as changing a dino… idk. I have erl still on my team and find it still has some favorable match ups but I’ve been playing with some other options and she may be ready to retire

I will replace magnapyritor by monolorhino, try gorgotrebax instead of erlikospyx and hadros lux for diorajasaur. I will probably play unboosted for a while as well. I will replace thylacotator by mortem rex down the line but I don’t have the boosts for mortem rex yet, so I will build it outside of the team.

There’s a boost reset starting tomorrow

Nobody is going to change much, because practically everyone uses the same creatures, maybe some Green Rats and some Entelolania are seen, but not much more, and that is the problem that of 245 plus the 7 new ones that will come now, of all those creatures in the game about 20 are viable to form teams, and now there are 2 that are not as good as before Monolometrodon and Sarcorixis, the rest will remain the same, teams repeated over and over again because Ludia does not like the variety of creatures .