How many Dinos have you collected so far. Do you have all common ones


I’m surprised that I haven’t collected all common Dinos yet. After playing this game for more than a month
There are 27 common Dinos in the game I have 25 so far and think I’m missing 2 of them: stygimoloch-gen-2 and dracorex-gen-2
Btw so far I collected 53 dinos


I just got dracorex and dracorex gen 2 plus epic irritator in a 12-hr incub from arena 4.


Stygimoloch Gen 2 is exclusive to Arena Battle incubators (Arena 6 and above).

Dracorex Gen 2 was an event dinosaur (12 attempts) in event week 1. Not sure how to get it now though.


i have discovered all dinos except 3. spinosaur gen 2, dracorex, and utarinex.

collected 79.


Wow I missed it
I started playing the game when was already the third week of event Dinos ongoing


I have 78/101. I missed Concavenator and don’t know how to get the Epic Spinosaurus. The rest are hybrids+


Coming back to this topic which I started on Jun 30 almost 3 months ago
Back then I had 53 Dinos.
Now I am at 105/123
So missing 18 hybrids: 10 legendaries and (all) 8 uniques
The closest unique I’m to infamous Indor raptor with my I-Rex being almost lv 19 and my Velo is 70% to lv 20


Im up to 81 in the 3 weeks ive been playing. I dont spend cash but spend alot of time driving around. Was happy today i found my last unknown


I have collected 115 out of 123, trying to unlock Nadopotitan and the rest are uniques.


Hey minus how your lvl by now? I’m played 3 weeks ago, and i m lvl 9. Missing 1 dino ouranosaurus. The strongest non hybrid dino atm


My nodopato lvl 15,hehe. Now i try to make a stegod. The king of all tank.


Other than Indominus (which I have) and the Indoraptor, I’m not bothered by hybrids. I’m here to collect dinosaurs. At the moment, I only have the Brachiosaurus and Gryptosuchus to get to collect all the actual dinosaurs.


Hi Colin
I guess you will not be competitive enough to progress to higher arenas if you don’t create few hybrids as well. Yes they are not real dinos that existed. But Ludia created them so realistic and some of them are ultra cool
Which arena are you btw


I do have a few. If I get the chance I will create them but my personal focus is on the actual dinosaurs.

At the moment I am about a third of the way through Sorna Marshes.