How many Draws have you had?


So i’m curious as to how often draws happen.

I’ve so far had 2 draws in battles. How many have you guys had?

Match draw?!

None must be 650 battles. Did the 500 win achievement weeks ago.


Can probably count the number on one hand … damn that “damage over time”


I’m guessing the chances are pretty low as I think draws can really only happen with one opponent having the bleed attack, or whatever you call the one where you get damage over turns. I reached 500 wins this week, so i’ve done a lot too which shows it’s pretty rare.

Although it’s frustrating when it happens, but also a relief as you lose no trophies.


Only one or two and they were down to bleeding out at the same time I took the third opposing dinosaur out.


I would have had one today but my dino stopped bleeding out leaving a 1 and me laughing. It would have been great if I had recorded it but I rarely do that anymore.


One time, and yeah it was a bleeding out situation.


I can count draws on the fingers of my two hands, all dinos keep bleeding, all! XD


Only one in more than 400 battles


Very rare to have a draw, I have only had maybe 5


I think I’ve had about 3, I haven’t had one in awhile though


I’ve had about a half dozen. Doesn’t happen very often.


Happened regularly before superiority strike appeared lol


Yup I can count it on one finger!
And it was also DoT


Y’all ever see a draw in the arena?! Did we actually die at the same exact time?! Hahaha! I’m impressedimage


Yeah, usually it’s the Damage over Time that does it. Better than losing trophies on a loss!